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That was cool, and it wonderfully encompasses my attitude and perspective for these past decades.

But it’s also a great example of the shift in my perspective, or my perceptual lens. This story is coming from his head, at about 3:30, I thought he was going to surprise me, but he never got past the lip service and then slide back down the hill to old cliche’s.

Acknowledging we’re connected, isn’t the same as viscerally feeling that connection.

It’s been four, five years since that conception of the Human Mindscape ~ Physical Reality divide duality of life took root. Since then it keeps on blossoming and infused my awareness of everything that’s unfolding in my life.

If I had been making that video, I’d have included the physical regression of my body through earlier incarnations all the way back, and from there, focusing on awareness, and building up the creature consciousness story in a way that makes us aware that we are creatures inhabiting a world full of consciousness. Animals studying you, while you’re studying them, is only the beginning.

Understanding the material flow through life and generations. So many story to tell, so much untouched passion, because we’re so numbed by hollyworld.

You know, bottom up learning about the origins of consciousness happened within biological entities having to deal with ‘out there.’ That explain a great deal.

Oh heck, now that’s a new thought for me.
Reincarnation from the scientific evolutionary perspective - hell yes, we are reincarnated! One generation at a time, back all the way to the primal scum of the Earth.

It gets deep on so many levels and those levels resonate with each other. Internally self consistent, consilience and all that.

Then one starts describing the universe and world as though I am an extension of all that’s out there.
As opposed to an observer’s impression.
At least that’s where I’m finding myself at.

I relate differently these days, like a vail has been pulled away and I can say I fully understand who I am, how I’m connected, why I matter, and it all comes from appreciating science and physical reality for what it is - and appreciating my body/brain for what it is, and this fantastic mind and streams of thought for what they are, and it is good. Considering answering such questions has been a life long pursuit, it feels unashamedly good.

Oh and back to the video and my perceptual lens metaphor
My perceptual lens has moved from my head, past my heart, and settled into some more visceral level of awareness.

Lausten, the video you shared is exactly how I often feel, even though I don’t believe in a human concept of a deity. I believe I am also one with the universe, much like the speaker in the video. I also believe everything and everyone on earth are also one in that the actions of one can affect everyone and everything to varying degrees, those/what is closest are affect more than those/what is further away.

I’m curious, there’s that relentless age-old human drive for understanding and enlightenment. Has that been sated, do you feel at home, content?

Or are you curious about deeper levels of understanding?

And, if so, where would you look for that?

I think that goes back so far we can’t trace it, to the kind of wondering that monkeys appear to be doing. It covers a lot of emotions and drives.

Not even close. Easy answers have been the way for the last 10,000 years, but enough people are done with that, so we can get on with the real business of knowing.

Back to the first question, I think it’s part of the drive to be alive. If you arent’ curious, you aren’t growing, if aren’t growing you’re shrinking, dying to be dramatic about it.

The stars. Or the algae. Or maybe the crusty stuff under a rock somewhere. Wherever you find something interesting. I like reading things old people say, or dead people, sometimes even a smart living person.

I believe we can find some info from recurring patterns in nature.
I think we can draw conclusions from “common denominators” that point to a common direction or origin.

I am happy with my views, but I am not locked into them, if that’s what you mean. I leave room for growth, change or development of views, but I’m not restless about them. However, if I do feel a need for deeper understanding, I look towards the Tao, Native American views, sometimes Gnostic texts, but most of all I look to science. I also look towards humanistic texts, including the Humanist Manifesto. For the most part though, I’m pretty satiated, but not 100%, because that wouldn’t allow for growth and it would be dogmatic. I’m always careful not to develop a god concept though, because I know it would be wrong. I hold the first saying the Tao dear when it comes to such concepts.