Anyone here read Al Khalili’s “House of Wisdom”?

Anyone here read (or listened to) Al Khalili’s “House of Wisdom”?
The content of that book could make for a fun discussion.

“The House of Wisdom, How the Arabic science saved ancient knowledge and gave us the Renaissance.” (2012)

New York Journal of Books provides an interesting over view of the book. offers a PDF.

There’s also this informative talk Al Khalili gave in 2013.

Humanists UK, posted at YouTube, April 16, 2014

The Forgotten Legacy of Arabic Science

British Humanist Association Holyoake Lecture 2013 presented by theoretical physicist and president of the British Humanist Association, Professor Jim Al-Khalili.

Here’s a short cut to the book.
He’s a pretty good storyteller, so fun to listen to, and it’s really fascinating stuff, if the evolution of knowledge is one of your things. :wink:

you game ?

I do like Kahlili and his thoughts on the Islamic golden age. Also, I’ve a couple half read books at the moment.