No Alan Wallace, science is not all about story telling!

Science is first and foremost about learning!

I listened to that video we were recommended and it would be fun if anyone wanted to discuss it. I’ll admit Wallace did not impress me and I believe much of what he wrote was contrived and all of it was indicative of the hermetically sealed mindscape.

But I’m willing to dissect it bit by bit, if anyone else were interested. I have no familiarity with Wallace before hearing him on that stage.

I want to start with the foundation of Wallace’s deception:
Equating science with all the other human story telling that is going on. While of course there is a lot of storytelling around science, I believe Wallace pointedly ignores an even more fundamental that IS science, that is, a learning process. If nothing else science is about honestly learning on a level that no other human endeavor comes close to.

Show me where I’m mistaken. Here’s a comment that I left back at YouTube and that’s worth starting out with.

The Nature of Reality A Dialogue Between a Buddhist Scholar and a Theoretical Physicist

24:54. - No Alan Wallace you are not on common ground with Sean Carroll !
Wallace contends that science is simply more storytelling.
But that isn’t true at all.
Science is a process of disciplined inquiry. Storytelling comes later after data is observed, measured, collected and processed.

This is a profound failure to understand/appreciate and indicative of what happens when one gets lost and stranded within one’s Mindscape. We must first grapple with the Physical Reality ~ Human Mindscape divide. Get that one settled, then the rest of it will start falling into place and making more sense, much more so than Wallace’s confused offering.

I commented in the other thread that Allen just seemed to be re-telling other peoples stories and didn’t really put a stake in the ground until the end.
I guess maybe what he was trying to point out was that there are many stories of reality, " but nobody has studied it as long as the East" (paraphrased)

Yet, the “reality” is, even if you believe an elephant leg is a tree, it is still an elephant. More information will expand your Mindscape - as you refer to it - and an elephant will be defined.

I wasn’t overly impressed with him, but I thought that just might be bias because I’m of a more scientific mind.