Anthropology of religions and spirituality

Possibly the best-ever Humanize Me podcast. #805. TM Luhrman has studied religious people as an anthropologist. There are many highlights, but my favorite is one after about 40 minutes, where they talk about the human ability to hold ideals, and imagine them in our future and sort of build a relationship with that better self. It might be imagining a coaches voice in our head, or memorizing some passages from a book, or, for some, their gods.

She works with religious people and writes about them, so I think some of her language avoids problems of religions because she wants to keep that communication line open. But that doesn’t detract from what she does report about the common experiences of all believers and non-believers.

The Asbury Revival part comes around 20 minutes and is brief. I don’t know why it made the blurb. Interesting though.