Another Example of God's Misplaced Priorities

Or rather, human thought in regards to what a rational God would want (what with God not existing and all). A friend of mine posted on facebook that someone had attempted to hack her husband’s facebook account in order to do some identity theft. One of her friend’s then posted a screed about how criminals try to use “people’s standard of faith against them” and know that because it’s a sin to lie, people will answer security questions honestly. She went on to say that it would be better to lie on the security questions (i.e. give a wrong maiden name for your mother) and ask God to forgive you (in hopes that he would), than to run the risk of having one’s identity stolen. I read that, and all I could think was, “If God gets his panties in a bunch because someone falsely answers some stupid questions so a person doesn’t have to worry about having their identity stolen, then he’s even more petty than I thought!” (To say nothing as to why God would worry about that, and yet not intervene to stop someone from having their identity stolen in the first place.) Even when I was a Christian, it never would have occurred to me that God might have a problem with it, but then again, I expected God to be a rational being and quit being a Christian after realizing that the God of the Bible was absolutely not a rational being, by any definition of the word.

Which goes to show anyone with a skeptic’s mind that xtians live in a bubble of belief allowing themselves to be fleeced by the pros at will e.g. The poor freely give their money to the religious hucksters who know just what button to push whether it be a TV preacher or a solicitation scam by phone or door to door. And Facebook profiles are easily obtainable by simply befriending people who know people, who know people. Finding a religious sucker is verrrry easy. Even the incredulous can sometimes fall into the trap by dangling a “just cause” in their faces and there are many to choose from.
Cap’t Jack

There are certain rules that have been set for humanity, such as always being honest, that should be followed but over the years have become less "relevant" from a human perspective. For instance, I think it would be petty to get a ticket for running a red light if no one was around, however the law says otherwise.
However, there's no law about being honest on the Internet. The Internet has changed a lot of things. But, I wonder,even before the Internet, were religious people so gullible that they'd give out personal information to strangers just because they asked and the religious person thought he or she had to be absolutely honest under all circumstances? Is there anyone in the world who's that clueless? Lois