Alabama and the Death Penalty, Sick barbarism

I’ve been anti-death penalty all my life, at least since I could form an opinion. That said, I don’t see how Alabama can not only call the death penalty humane, but call what they did to their recent execution humane when the man suffered for 20 minutes after 15 minutes of breathing pure poison (Nitrogen gas). Now they already made this man suffer before by trying to use lethal injection on him. For four hours they tried to kill him with a needle and couldn’t hit a vein. That’s the short story, but the whole thing is sick and in my honest opinion is barbaric. Suffocating another being is pure barbarism and other states are ready to try it too. Welcome to the U.S.A. the land of barbarism, hatred, racism, sexism, oppression… rolling eyes SMH


I agree with you here about the barbarism aspect. We’re all living under a death penalty and to hasten it outside of the relatively rare necessity for self-defense or to preserve another’s life is misguided thinking. The so called “science” being called into play in order to “humanely” execute someone is quite worthy of notable characters such as Josef Mengele.