About that God thing ^ Human Mindscape ~ Physical Reality

Lausten, yesterday in another thread one of those emergent breakthroughs occurred.


Oh the one hand, my personal relationship with the Universe and the God of my choice, is as vivid as anyones’, (dare I say more so than most).

The key difference is that I understand it to be a truth coming from within myself - a distillation of my own 66 years of chewing on the questions.

Who is God? Who am I? What am I doing here?

It is not a message from the 'Universe", or some “cosmic deity”, or “superpower” that cares about me. Especially not one that expects me to worship it. That’s the god of ego. That’s all about our own personal struggles, unfolding within the confines of our respective Mindscapes, personal and culturally.

Physical Reality is the thing that simply IS.

That is, right down here on this planet, it’s the thing that created me, us, and that will swallow me, us, up again, before too long.

And this body of mine, that’s taken such excellence care of this freakster spirit it was bequeathed with.


cue something rousing by Whitney, or Diana. :wink:

Oh hey, how about the white boy’s version?

A tune close to my heart since, if you listen to it with a certain story in mind, it seems to simultaneously track conception to death, be it a person, or humanity.



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That song doesn't get much radio play, but, good choice.
I've talked to some believers about this, they just don't seem inspired by the planet itself, by the amazing cycles of creation, they need that higher purpose. It took me a couple years to transition but I now find reality much more inspiring than I ever found any Bible story. Not sure how to inspire others though

Me neither, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep trying. Besides, I’m actually more worried about the foundation-less on my own side, rather than confirmed dogmatists.

Somehow it seems to me that what I’m playing at, is fundamentally physically accurate, within our scientific understanding and never beyond the pale. Never any need for any woo, or supernatural, while being able to acknowledge and accept it, because I recognize its source is from within and NOT without. What I’ve written can be ignored or ridiculed, but that’s worthless - serious critique, that’s a bigger challenge and the few who show up to try always evaporated.


And I keep working the problem:

I’ve finally recognized that our sense of God, Evolutionarily speaking is actually a reflect of humanity beginning to glory in our own blossoming power. We lived in a wild world, and at a certain point in our evolution we recognized our own power, not just our physically ability, but also that point when we started realizing that we had intellectual powers, beyond what any other critters possessed. We could control others. That moment was worth glorying in and doing something with. . . . . . .


We were the eyes of God - if god’s there be!


That would be the second leg to why people started believing in God.

The first one being buried memories of those first couple years within Mom’s protective loving, nourishing bosom.

Now, it seems to me, spiritual, psychological symmetry, and beauty demands that I find a third foundational leg to help explain, “Why Religion?”.


That and attaining an appreciation that our spiritual inspirations come from within and not without in the heavens - that seems really important.

I’m also thinking more of the rationalists, and youngsters respect science and who don’t have a spiritual “foundation” for hanging those human spiritual impulse onto, the ones that most all of have at one time or another. Usual childhood and old age, for weirdos like, they never let go, and now nearing that fabled old age I see things from a very cool perspective.


I’m recognizing its fundamental "Is-ness and starting to figure out how to write about it. Oh but am I out of step. Here in my ongoing Mesa adventure, I’m exposed to who most Americans think and how they view the world via media, and it’s so foreign and distant to what I’m present to. They really think everything’s okay, nothing is going on beyond our lil world. Terrifying in a way, but like some song once said, you pay your nickel and take your ride. I’m trying to get to the point where it okay, it don’t matter, enjoy the moment and then I died. That works.