A little Scroogey today

I’m at the end of my first full year of retirement and looking forward to the day after the family Christmas. I think I’ve come to where I’m less interested in people. I like humans, just not a bunch of them in a room at one time. I’m old enough that people accept I don’t go to concerts or dances or festivals, unless I’m escorting someone’s kids. But I’m not even interested in a lunch date. Now that I’ve been away from all that for a while, I remember being judged because I didn’t know the recent acquisition by sports team X, or the relationship status of actress Y, or the stupid thing politician Z said today.

You know, if you don’t have an idea for how to bring better science education to rural areas, or reduce homelessness, or something to do about something that has been a problem since before I was born, maybe just don’t bother me.

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Merry Christmas Lausten!

Sounds like plain old introversion. I wonder how much Christmas stress is related to introversion/extraversion.

I’m like that every day and I’m not even retired yet. I have 9 1/2 more years to go. My husband and I spend most days off at home and wish we’d have another locked down again- one where we get to stay home too. That’s not going to happen.


Oh I misunderstood, so you’re feeling a little Scruggey today.

Let me dust one off for ya:

(Incidentally, they’re going to try do the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown again in April.)

Merry Xmas all and hoping for a peaceful and constructive New Year.!

Oh no! You’re not getting off that easy. Where’s the goods :slight_smile:

(source: www.nrm.org)

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I saw the light!

I usually watch some version of a Christmas Carol each year, and I haven’t done that. Nothing like seeing a rich person count their money then die and have the chambermaids steal his bed curtains to make one feel better about themselves.

Instead, I dug up an episode from a series, Britannia, a fictional tale about Romans making their second foray into what would become Ireland. There’s Druids and stuff, but the “magic” is mostly hypnotism. Anyway, in a scene with a couple characters with small parts, they find a house with potions in it, a lot of which are hallucinogenics. They take them and start thinking about how the world works.

One guy realizes they see different gods everywhere they conquer, and they only believe in their gods because they are born there. The other guy can’t handle it, he is still stuck in his reality that if he doesn’t pray to Pino, his boots will literally fall his feet. This is how people still are, except they believe that if they don’t eat organic food, they’ll get sick, or, if they don’t vote Republican, they will be forced to eat organic food. It’s all bollocks.

This is my rough script of it

The Egyptians… The Egyptians, they didn’t know who Pino was. They didn’t have a god or goddess of the boot, and the Celts have boots, but I bet you they don’t know who Pino is, and… now, this is my point… why is Pino only interested in our boots?

Boots are important, and we give thanks to Pino, and our boots don’t fall apart. (Philo shakes his head) So we say a prayer to him and Pino keeps our boots shipshape. I mean, look at them. My boots look great, and they’re really comfy right now.

You’re missing the point. The Egyptians have Horus the god of war, a falcon-headed man with a red and white crown. We have Mars. Now, all it would take for me to believe in Horus, to worship Horus rather than Mars, is to be born in Egypt, If I’m born in Egypt I instantly think that Mars is bollocks, and even if he’s not bollocks, he’s nowhere near as powerful and amazing as Horus. Don’t you see? Everywhere we go, it’s different.

(B – intensely attentive the whole time) I think I know what you mean.

Good. If we think Horus is bollocks and they think Mars is bollocks… maybe both are bollocks. Maybe it’s all bollocks, and maybe my boot is just my boot, and if it breaks, it’s not because I’ve offended Pino, it’s just my boot broke, and that’s all.

(B takes this in). Of course there’s Pino. There’s always been Pino. There’s always been Serapis.

But what if there hasn’t?

Stop now.

Brutus takes a toke of something from the witch.

(Philo gets up and holds his arms out to the ceiling). … I slayed my best friend! I took a blade and severed his head from his body! Send a thunderbolt and strike me dead! Do it now for Brutus to behold! (waits, nothing, cries)


Do you see?

I want you to stop talking. Stop talking. Don’t say another word

We’re alone Brutus. We are alone.

It’s nothing more than a month of feeding Corporate greed, as people try to selfishly buy crap and pile in to Hellmart to spread COVID-19, as they wear no masks and refuse to social distance. Oh yeah, and especially give the cashier or self-checkout attendant COVID or breakthrough case by coughing, breathing, and/or sneezing on them. Even my doctor agrees that people are stupid, especially when it comes to COVID. I wasn’t surprised they were predicting yet another surge. I’ve been saying there’s going to be another after the holidays before they even said anything.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

suppressed post was here by mistake, i think

Ham’s a glazin, taters on the grill, countdown to the big day. 24 guests pared down to 12.

Six people at my mother-in-law’s home. She wanted to do the cooking, but I’m bringing a vegetarian entree.

My Dad used to tell us that we would open our presents and play with them for a few hours, then forget about them. I now get what he was talking about.

Merry Christmas all.

If you can’t be with the ones you love, love the ones you’re with.

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True love between an adult male (orange) and his adopted son (black)

My cats, refusing to pose as always.

The black one is only a few months younger, but the elder instincts are still there. He gets his ears licked, but rarely reciprocates.