5 Facts About Trump’s Georgia Indictments - Robert Reich

This seems like a good way to start this thread dedicated to the ex-president Mr.trump’s most recent indictment in Georgia. In a very calm even handed way that Lausten will appreciate Robert Reich offers a simple summary of 5 facts to keep handy when trying to process (or dare debate) the MAGA counterclaims and storytelling.

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Robert Reich - August 15, 2023 -

No elected official has ever been accused of anything remotely on the scale of what Donald Trump has been charged with.

His prosecution isn’t a “witch hunt.” It’s a defense of our democracy.

Don’t believe his lies.

Fact #1 - President Biden did not indict Mr.trump.
Fact #2 - This is Not about Free Speech.
Fact #3 - It doesn’t matter whether Mr.trump believed the election was stolen.
… … … … … … (Besides, there is massive public evidence that he knew)
Fact #4 - Mr.trump has received preferential treatment because of who he is.
Fact #5 - Mr.trump was in legal trouble long before he entered politics.