Young Sheldon discovers, it's all in his head

Actually, I don’t believe that.
In fact, being at that certain point in life where friends and relatives are dying and coming down with horrifying, threatening, life style shattering illnesses, I have been asked about some of this and find it feels good being able to explain and discuss it within a gentler atmosphere.

But there again, one on one is different than a pamphlet.

I know what rational means. I just don’t find it normal. I don’t try to make people normal. I try to understand where someone different from me is coming from, how they arrived at their values.

Well you did ask me to define it.

I fear I need to agree I don’t find it too often either.
Heck, in hindsight seems I rarely find it, though the exceptions have been wonderful.

I’m trying to understand why we did such a god awful job of it.
And I mourn the nightmare we have created for our children and their future world, not to mention he rest of creation on this Earth.

I also wonder about the unknowns and challenges coming their way, and that the only hope they have to cope will require a shattering of our smuggle self-absorbed attitudes that have been instilled in us since the birth of civilizations.

I said I didn’t know what “normal rational” is. Seems we agree. I know a few unusually rational people.