Why Science Is Wrong - Zat Rana

At first I didn’t think much of this article, but by the end, I thought it was a good provocative effort at defining something very slippery.
What is it to feel sure about something? What does it mean to have provisional knowledge? What is ‘true’?
He doesn’t offer any flashes of spectacular illumination - but it’s a good to review of the problem of science vs truth.
Considering what a big deal right-wing religious types make about need for certainty, absolute knowledge, and such myths -
its something to think about and to be able to discuss more easily, so I applaud Zat.

Why Science Is Wrong, by Zat Rana https://medium.com/personal-growth/why-science-is-wrong-b710270cbb9c For example, when Einstein finalized the Theory of General Relativity, it disproved a lot of Newton’s work. It painted a more accurate picture of what was actually going on. That said, it doesn’t mean that Newton’s laws aren’t still highly usable and relevant to most activities. Over time, we get closer and closer to the truth by being less wrong. We will likely never be completely right in our ability to understand the world. There is way too much complexity. ... Science is always wrong, and assigning boundaries to what we think we know is how we limit the possibility of an advancing future. It’s worth being careful about how you define truth. ...
Given that most research falls into this category and that the media sensationalizes any study that produces a good headline, it’s pretty evident why this is a problem
The category mentioned here is the small studies that get proven wrong all the time. Unfortunately, people who don't like scientific studies pay attention to the one study that showed how studies are often wrong. Instead of understanding that research is research, and the only answer to research proven wrong is more research, they throw their hands up and return to listening to the voices in their head.

true enough, that’s why it would be nice to discuss the topic in a bit more detail.
I know others have given it more thought than I have - or at least have more reading on it,
and I’m sort of distracted these days with more immediate affairs anyways.
But still it’s something I’d love to see discussed. Unfortunately, we’re down to a few souls wondering around aimlessly,
yada yada yada :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: