Why 9/11 Truthers Are Wrong About The Facts | (Part 1: Mick West)

What are the flaws in some common truther arguments? Did the collapse of the Twin Towers truly resemble a controlled demolition? What’s the process like when a person becomes and quits being a conspiracy theorist? These are some of the key questions I discuss with the legendary skeptic Mick West, author of “Escaping The Rabbit Hole” and founder of MetaBunk.org.


Is that still a thing? I mean the ‘truthers’ chasing their tails. Aren’t they on to bigger and better like figuring out who engineered COVID-19?

I thought they were still looking for Obama’s birth certificate.

Or tracking contrails.

Or evidence that the moon landings were faked.

Or… we could go on and on.

Building and spreading controversies is a major industry these days.