What Real Relation in terms of theology?

I’m not really religious but for some reason I get vids like this on youtube when looking at atheist stuff:

I got through about half of it before I got bored because he didn’t really explain what this real relation means. When I googled it I saw something to do with Aquinas but I know little to nothing about the guy. Was wondering if folks here knew.

I’m about half way through myself and am getting the impression that this is about “God’s relationship with …”

Then I think. But, wait a minute, we create our own God’s from within our own minds.
So isn’t it a pointless question? More self-indulgence, then sober study?

“God” has whatever “Relationship” a person’s conscious mind choices to create from the God of their choice.

God can’t make sense until one truly understands themselves in relationship to this Earth that created us. Then God makes all the sense in a world, as a reflection of our own human hopes, fears, questions & dreams, and not some entity unto itself.

Both of you got halfway through? Admirable. In most other circumstances, I wouldn’t have even clicked on it. I listened to the whole thing, while I was putting away groceries, then organizing my bandage drawer and I mowed a small section of the lawn. Otherwise, that 19 minutes and 2 seconds would have been totally wasted. The first five is, “I’m going to talk about this thing, oh, and read my book”, then he talks about others talking about it, I think maybe he says what it is for about 30 seconds, and he does give references if you want to read Aquinas, who, actually is not a horrible person to read, but anyway, most important, at the end, he tells you to NOT USE THIS TERM. He says it’s only useful when talking to someone else who has read a few books by Aquinas, or maybe Aristotle. He could have said that in an email.

From the first 2 minutes I could see this was an amateur theologian, okay, “working on his PhD”, which means he doesn’t have one. Even when he gets one, it’s theologians talking about theology. It’s a guy today talking about what a guy said 500 years ago and discussing what that guy thought about something written a thousand years before. There’s nothing inherently wrong with ancient scripture, but there is something wrong about claiming some sentence from the scripture is so important that we all should know it and if we don’t know it, then we can’t talk about what being in relation means, or can’t understand how the universe works, or whatever else judgment they want to pass on us.

So, no, I don’t know he’s talking about, he doesn’t tell you in this video. And, I don’t care.

Yeah, it’s a crowded season, Maddy said enough let’s go, then once outside and our walk was done all those spring projects and choirs gets my attention. So little time left over.

Well said.