What is the US justice system based on?

nobody is getting rich off it either.
You're winning the argument that I didn't make
thatoneguy said; I also don’t see how profit is made by keeping these individuals in a hole; no doubt they’re being kept down by inability to pay– but nobody is getting rich off it either.
Oh yes there are lots of people who profit from the justice system which is being corrupted in favor of capitalism. How about the privately owned for-profit prisons, which actually make a profit by keeping people in jail! Or the new method by the very rich of buying your way out of jail?

The best way to stay out of jail is to stay away from crime? That would mean that no one could work in the White House, as criminals abound there.

There is no jail in the wild. How come? Squirrels dig up my garden. Coyotes raid the hen house. Is US justice based on silliness?

There is no jail in the wild.
At least you get to your points quickly Sree. That is one of your few good qualities. Sure, living like animals that don't have developed brains is an option. Not one I care to consider though.
Is US justice based on silliness?
The silliness is "an eye for an eye".

We used to hang horse thieves; now we slap car thieves on the wrist, and pay more for car insurance. Victims are victimized four times. We pay for cops and judges, we lose the use and value of our property, we pay for jails, we pay for insurance. There is a way to stop it. Where there is no man, there is no problem.

From what I read and the experience with England laws and regulations at the time, the conceptual overall baseline of the U.S. Constitution recognized even the ones composing the law found fault within them self like all men that and will come to power. The Constitution key focus from what I gather was to hold the most valuable thing of all that no other nations recognizes deeply or preserves.


Individual Sovereignty, for without it. Freedom and Liberty is gone. And it is this that has held in America its peace and prosperity, the blood of the patriots and a patriot comes to understand this value. Even some of the for fathers told the tree of liberty even with what they conscripted will be lost and the tree will need to be refresh(reset as you say).


But for most part Civics classes and other scholars keep learned, the general population as I notice this site has maintain in accordance of what I am writing now the depth of the most valuable thing in life, and set in place the rewriting of the civics I learned as a child, that is not afforded to ones in school today.


My personal take: Socialism is the precurse to communism. both makes you dependent thus so striping you of your alienable rights and as well equates humanity and freedom.


Many conflate the meaning of the US Constitution to economics or Equality as in liberalism(a govern condition set of rules that deem there idea’ in a dependent fashion to be part of the constitution). I find not a ounce within the constitution, nor the notes that actually trys to protect from such devices used.

The men that wrote the constitution found truth in this I agree. No fallible man shall ever make the world fair and any attempt at doing so will bring tyranny.

Fairness will only come when we evolve as a whole without a govern law to provide such in both rational reasoning and communicative adherence with no authority granted to a person, group or organization.

We are long from this depth among the majority of the world. I see the forgathers more wise then any leader today in that they tasted both sides of tyranny, blood and as well law and government. with that experience as well as the learning scholars of the time reading threw education created the greatest article and a turning point in humanity.

Progressives imagine them self evolve but they remind me of a repeat in soviet union. Thus so did communism birth is name with the screams of for your safety, equality and fairness.

When you feel you have evolve over the for fathers who wrote the constitution. And you find you know today, especially atheist, More? You may be surprised to face if you evolved over them in 270+ years, Then you are proclaiming out of the billions of years of evolution ratio to life, you evolved in 1 millionth of a second in life of them said for fathers.

You will find humanity outside of the given opening of technology as a whole is very the same of short comings as them in even a few 100 years back, maybe more less aware for most part of many truths that cannot be educated in a college but only with real life experience and hardship can that knowledge be obtained.

As for Christianity, yes. One nation under god. But there is a deeper meaning. In Christianity of that day, not the prosperity and other branches. But the one of old teaches all that in the bible pertain the the kingdom of god is of spirit and non of the flesh. The bible also speaks of a lot of the freedoms if you search it spiritually as mention in the constitution.

With that said. Prime one Jesus to me set the originating example of Individual Sovereignty in his message and action of no judgement of another. In this was the separation of Church in state that openly christian was not a book meant for you’re carnal life or flesh. But for your spirit and its laws of conduct of sin was not by force but a warning of not following you would lose connection to spirit and god himself. As such the constitution deals with man and the agreement amongst established.

This is the reason as well why Muslim bible and its believers actually are becoming the biggest threat to That said constitution for it is in high contrition of all we have learn and prosper from it.


The Muslim bible is doom to repeat what the US constitution solved long ago. And it eliminated the radical Christians as well from the spiritual ones god truly intended.

No book can man write , even a for a religion or law that wicked or less educated cannot twist to there reality. This is why the bible states read it in spirit not as a book or it will fall on deaf ears because of a closed soul you refuse to find you have. (Seeing I am saved, this imply you are lost as bible said…but with true meaning.) And like the agnostic, the pharisaic was covered in old that are the hardest to save(which would be scientist). Atheist to me though falls in line with a belief for they state god does not exist without absolute proof. And can become more bashing then a christian that has learn the bible as a normal book of instructions from god. Why no scholar or great man shalt find the truth they search for either sadly to say.


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sigra said: My personal take: Socialism is the precurse to communism. both makes you dependent thus so striping you of your alienable rights and as well equates humanity and freedom.
What are you talking about?

Everyone who can pay, pays for certain social programs which benefit all the people, by means of taxes. There is no dependence on anything.

By paying your taxes you earn the right to avail yourself of available social programs, which are installed by representatives of the people for the people.

The Military to protect your country is a social program,which you pay for with taxes is a social program mandated in the Constitution

The Justice system is a social program which you pay for with your taxes. Wanna do away with Law enforcement?

Social Security is a social program, which you pay for with taxes. Wanna do away with your retirement safety net?

Medicare is a social program which you pay into with taxes. Wanna do away with the right to health care when you get older?

Highways are social programs which you pay for with taxes to build and maintain them. Rather drive on dirt roads?

Are you one of those people who says “keep your government hands of my Medicare?”.

For a civilized country with a thriving economy to offer some social programs which benefit all the people is a good thing.