Were the first European black?

Incidentally, recent DNA analysis have shown that 10 000 years ago, the first Europeans had dark skins.

[Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin - BBC News]

[Europeans had dark skin, blue eyes 7,000 years ago | CBC News]

In fact color of skin is not sure, but DNA from Africa is sure

The first whites were African…


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It’s no surprise to me that the South is loaded with people with African ancestry. If you read the literature of the time, they talk about melatos, quadroons, octoroons, passing [for white], white as snow, and even made laws about having even one drop of “Black blood” made on legally Black, even if they looked white, and the worse thing of all, caused people to hate and feel ashamed of themselves for being even 1/24 Black. Some people even kept it quiet that even one parent or grandparent was Black, if they could “pass”, in the hopes they didn’t end up having a baby with Black features. I always told my sons, to hate white or Black, is only ending up hating yourself, so avoid hate, especially concerning the colour of one’s skin.


The so-called Western Hunter Gatherers had different shades of dark skin, though calling them Black is an exaggeration. The other hunter gatherer groups that lived in Europe at the time were much lighter.

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Good find.

Most anthropomorphic properties of humans, such as skin, hair and eye colour,[1] are based on the genotype of individuals, that is on the function and expression of their genes. Nowadays, these traits vary a lot between human populations, but they are the result of the rather recent evolution of anatomically modern humans (homo sapiens).

Skin, hair and eyes were dark, when some 50-75 000 years ago homo sapiens left its origin in equatorial East Africa and migrated first to Asia and Oceania and later to Europe and the Americas.[2, 3]

In particular in northern Europe and Siberia, human skin and hair turned lighter and blue eyes occurred leading throughout Europe to a North-South gradient in pigmentation.[4] This leads to the question, whether in new geographic environments, such as regions of rather high latitude, there were evolutionary drivers for these changes in pigmentation intensity.

more… other hunter gatherer groups

It would be interesting to find definitive proof of evolutionary pressures. There seem to be several viable hypotheses.