Trudeau wusses out again on climate change.

Our two faced PM is at it again, this time refusing to condemn Trump for playing around with an issue that if not dealt with and promptly will certainly become an existential issue for our and many other species facing the horror of uncontrolled climate change making the Earth a progressively hostile place for most life.
Trudeau went to the Paris climate change conference and claimed that “Canada is back” when it comes to facing this massive man made crisis, but in action Trudeau is as big a booster of the fossil fuel sector as the last pro oil PM Harper.
This is what Trudeau told Houston oilmen to their complete approval.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received an unusually warm reception of his keynote address at an energy industry conference in Texas on Thursday evening. "No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and just leave them there," Trudeau said in his address to oil and gas industry executives at Houston's CERAWeek conference, discussing Alberta's vast oil sands reserves. Trudeau's speech was met with a standing ovation from the more than 1,200 attendees — an unordinary reaction to a keynote speaker, conference-goers told the CBC. The prime minister was also given an award for his efforts to balance environmental protection and energy production.
This is what one of the most well informed experts on the subject of human forced climate change has to say about Trudeau's plans to burn most of the bitumen at the Athabasca tar sands.
Prof James Hansen rebukes oil firms and Canadian government over stance on exploiting fossil fuel, which he says would make climate problem unsolvable
Major international oil companies are buying off governments, according to the world's most prominent climate scientist, Prof James Hansen. During a visit to London, he accused the Canadian government of acting as the industry's tar sands salesman and "holding a club" over the UK and European nations to accept its "dirty" oil. "Oil from tar sands makes sense only for a small number of people who are making a lot of money from that product," he said in an interview with the Guardian. "It doesn't make sense for the rest of the people on the planet. We are getting close to the dangerous level of carbon in the atmosphere and if we add on to that unconventional fossil fuels, which have a tremendous amount of carbon, then the climate problem becomes unsolvable."
The Trudeau government is corrupt and offers pay-to-play preference to corporations that make large donations to the liberal party. And now Trudeau is soft peddling Trump's refusal to join the rest of the world in dealing with an issue that does in fact have the potential to kill everyone on the planet. We're talking about the lives of billions of people at stake and these sociopaths play sick games that are all about power and nothing about the lives of the people they claim to represent. As bad as Trump is he is far more obvious in his contempt for the truth and responsible government. Trudeau on the other hand claims to care then acts in ways that are anti-democratic and highly destructive to all life on the planet. Son of one of the most famous Canadian PM's who most people don't know was a devoted fascist in his youth and admired the Hitler and Mussolini governments and went as far as to create a revolutionary cell to overthrow the democratic government of Quebec in the 1940s and replace it with a fascist regime.
Trudeau, born into wealth, was educated in a Jesuit-run classical college. He accepted the church's politics as well as its morality. And in the Quebec of Trudeau's youth, the church believed the successful nations were the "corporatist" states: Mussolini's Italy, Hitler's Germany, Franco's Spain and Salazar's Portugal. These models were especially attractive as the Depression staggered the industrial world. They appeared to offer stability and work, and usually rule, by a church-inspired elite. This was attractive to French Canadians, and especially to the church-educated children of the elite.
But he was not the pampered, apolitical playboy we were told he'd been. Yes, he rode his Harley Davidson wearing a Prussian helmet -- but apart from such pranks, he was engaged in a deep and systematic study of how to launch a coup and run a revolution in Quebec. This phase of his life is still obscure, but the Nemnis show that in 1942, when he was 23, Pierre Trudeau was a leading organizer of a revolutionary cell called "LX," whose purpose was to conduct a coup leading to a corporatist, independent Catholic and French Quebec. Catholic educators and writers had inspired these young revolutionaries, and at least one Jesuit appears to have been among the organizers.
Judging from an anti-conscription speech that Trudeau gave in 1942 (supporting the young Jean Drapeau in an Outremont by-election), his would not have been a velvet revolution. Speaking to thousands at a rally, Trudeau said that government "traitors" should be "impaled alive." And he urged his listeners that "if Outremont is so infamous that it elects La Fleche, and if because of Outremont conscription for overseas service comes into effect, I beg of you to eviscerate all the damned bourgeois of Outremont." So Trudeau himself, as a young man, would not accept the democratic wishes of his fellow citizens. The only true French-Canadians were those who thought as he did, and any who disagreed could not be legitimate representatives. Had the anglos and Jews of Outremont voted for Drapeau, that was OK; when they voted instead for La Fleche, as they did, they were outsiders deserving only death. Democracy in any case would not survive Trudeau's coup.
Here in Canada we have our own sociopath class from which our current PM comes, and more and more his true colors are coming out. Our closet fascist PM is acting like a real one more and more. During the last election he stated more than 1,600 times that he would reform our political system to make it more representative then arbitrarily decided that it worked just fine as long as he was in a majority government. Don't look North for real leadership on the climate change front because we don't have real leadership here on anything. Just more lies, corruption and contempt for the facts and people.

Everybody wusses out on, er, ah, you know, Anthropogenic Global Warming, jesus they can’t even call it what it is.
And no body wants to hear a thing if it implies they should be happy with less.
Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
What happens to exponentially growth within a finite system, come on, all together now . . .