The Problem with the Problem of Evil

Max Tegmark, who has actually given this deep thought as evidenced by his book on “A Mathematical Universe”, argues that the universe can be explained by some 32 relational values (numbers) and a handful of equations. He believes there is very little missing from our current maths and anything as yet undiscovered should be no more complicated than our current “known” constants.

There are just 2 unknowns; the actual size of the universe which we can never know as it is beyond our “event horizon” and the actual behavior of matter at Planck scale, which we are beginning to explore now that we have electron microscopes

What good is any of that when it comes to pondering the problem of Evil?

LOL, I think that problem was lost by the second post. I haven’t a clue how this thread morphed from a morality question into a how to communicate with aliens…


It’s my last day before flying home, reflecting on a whirlwind couple weeks. Much dissonance to sort and absorb. We’re all within our specific sphere’s of awareness, most never interested in seeing beyond. I’ve meet many cool people, descent and successful in their pursuits, but totally oblivious to what’s happening in the world.

Up close and personal one can’t dislike decent people for their blindspots. But, but, …

Perhaps what’s really messing with me is how totally unaware so many intelligent people are of the current state of global affairs (totally disregarding the political mess), they’re invested in an economic system that’s a bubble getting ready to bust. I am too, but only because it’s the only game going, thing is I have zero faith left in the future, so am astounded hearing about the optimistic 20, 30 year plans people talk about.

And yes, I do live my life as if there were a future, but I’m on the one day at time plan, and every time I see another year go by I’ve been able to be grateful for it. Going through the motions, and why not, all humans are doomed, so to heck with it try to be the best of who you are, whatever that may be, I guess.

Since I’ve been on the lower East Coast for a few days, might as well add this latest indicator of our radically transitioning global ecological regime.

The great Atlantic Sargassum belt -

I listened to 45 seconds of Glenn Beck yesterday. It was amazing how many things he got wrong in that time.

Just don’t tell him.
He couldn’t care less.

After he lost his regular program, he almost mellowed out. I saw a couple interviews where he was reflecting on what he did wrong 20 years ago. But then, he found out that doesn’t bring in the cash!!

We should invent a new term: “Mercenary Press”.

They will construct you an entirely fictitious news cycle and rate it per monetary value.

100.000 will get you a “Rumor”!
200,000 will get you a “Sources confirm”!!
500,000 will get you a “Crisis report”!!!
1 million will get you “Head Line”:
“Trump found innocent of all charges by investigating Committee” !


Glenn Beck has totally lost track of reality i’ve seen his show and he doesn’t what’s gonna happen. He has lost it really it’s better to look at magician ball one of those thing that can see the how really things are going in congress than poor Glenn Beck who has lost touch. He is deluded in his own poitical view pardons for being so hasty on that man.

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