The biggest problem with the aliens visiting us debate

The Aliens evolution problem.


  1. If aliens reached spaceships, then they evolve - they have a progress-oriented culture.
  2. At this advanced evolution stage (spaceships), evolution should be very accelerated (AI, computer to brain, gene manipulation…).This means that any aliens with spaceships will evolve towards being undetectable (by us) - very fast.
    I don’t think any advanced civilization can spend more than 200 years from having spaceships to being undetectable by us.

The problem:
Assuming we are visited by aliens since 200 000 years ago (or more?) and considering aliens will evolve very fast to being undetectable, how come we still see them?

Theoretically, we should perceive our (possible) contact with aliens as multiple interactions with different alien species, where each detectable contact cannot span more than 200 years (or so).
(with a discussion on the slow evolution theory)

Full text:

We have no conclusive evidence that any extraterrestrial intelligent entities have ever made it to Earth. We, humans, certainly are not capable of making it to even the closest habitable planet. Will we ever be? We don’t know.

So it is a big IF that ANY life forms ANY where can build a civilization capable of getting to other planets over the vast distances of space.

A further big IF is the synchronicity of the potential intelligent civilizations. IOW we do not know how long such civilizations (IF there ever have been any) might be able to functionally exist. Maybe they have, but over the vast time spans, we could well be out of sync in terms of existing as a functional highly technological society.

I thought that was going somewhere until, “how come we still see them”

I thought that was going somewhere ...
Ah. You are an optimist.

This is about the way we perceive aliens.

We have aliens in our culture, we also have a culture of us being visited from a very long time ago.

We are missing however the notion that if we have aliens now and if aliens visited from a very long time ago, then they must be a different alien species.

The acceleration of progress it is also a huge part missing from our Scifi culture.

We see in every movie aliens not evolving for millions of years - after they reached spaceships. That is so ridiculous.


The huge acceleration of progress once we have AI, Ai to brain connection and genetic manipulation should be no 1 Scifi model when talking future.

We are just rambling otherwise - all those Scifi movies and theories - are going sideways by miles.

Our culture is ignoring the obvious!

Once you get to that very accelerated point of development, things will go completely untraditional. Once a civilization has spaceships, they cannot stay here for 200 000 years.


So all this is not about if aliens exist or not but it is about our understanding of the situation.

Our understanding it is at best ignorant.



Very recently, scientists have discovered massive networks of solid structures near the Earth’s core. I was thinking that this could be the residence of a large population of Aliens who are using the massive heat from the core as energy for their underground civilization.

Huh? Whaddaya think?


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Your attempt at being funny is very funny :slight_smile:

Thanks. I do try to be funny sometimes. Not everyone gets it.