The 9/11 thread

The reason for locking the 9/11 thread is…?

Because they are sick of it (never going anywhere).

So what have you done to combat global warming lately? :blush:

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This folder is for issues of Forum functioning (questions, problems or concerns) as well as complaints about actions taken by Forum Moderators or Administrators. Any thread here may only be responded to by the originator of that thread and Moderators or Administrators

djtexas, anyone can comment and voice their opinion or add to on an issue/complaint and basically CC is right. We, the mods, have had enough of the conspiracy theories, which have no facts to back them and the thread is going nowhere. My fellow mod may have more to say, but that was our decision on this thread. There is nothing more to discuss in the thread.

OK so the intro says only the mods, Admins, and originator of complaint. That said, I think it’s fair if someone has info to add to a complaint to do so.

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You can’t pick and choose which rule you will enforce and which you will not.

Being a skeptic of the 9/11 govt narrative is not to be dismissed as a nutter conspiracy theorist when the inconsistencies in the story are highlighted and it is shown that there is some serious science being undertaking to explain what happened.
Leave it at that

The issue is that the crazy-makers’ side never provides a serious listing of those inconsistencies.

Then the crazy-makers ignore fundamental construction knowledge and open records. Dismissing those fire’s for instance. Dismissing the damages inflicted by the initial multiple impact shocks during the first moments. Dismissing the damaged framing and stress and metal fatigue.

What the crazy makers are good at is making insinuations,
but that is all they are good at. Never closing the deal with actual facts and conclusions, always more smoke and mirrors,
and that’s what do damned maddening about dealing with such self obsessed crazies who are guilty of Transference of their own base dishonestly and delusions, onto everyone else.

We are not discussing 9/11 conspiracies in this complaint thread. You cannot carry a conversation over into the complaint section. That is not what this is for.

What’s it they say about the rules.

Besides I was focused on the thinking process, totally removed from the subject. Trust physical fact, or feeling one has the right to fabricate them.

But, I’ll take the warning. :zipper_mouth_face: