Religion, easy as pie

He was saying that there is no indeterminism, which isn’t the same thing as randomness. Indeterminism is an inference on true randomness (rather than the imprecision of measuring tools).

It was, it is, it will be forever an infinite /eternal Cosmic Vacuum.
The Cosmic Vacuum is homogenous, isotopic, symmetric, flat, smooth and
has temperature T=0K. The cosmic vacuum is not an empty infinite continuum.
T=0K is filled with Dirac’s dualistic quantum ‘‘negative, virtual particle’’ (E=±MC²).
These particles obey the law of ‘‘entropy’’ and Heisenberg uncertainty principle
( Δx Δp ≈ ħ/4π) and according to Einstein’s SRT cannot be firm, they must be
quantum elastic particles. These ‘‘virtual’’ particles destroy the smooth surface
of the cosmic vacuum and can be observed in Casimir effect, in Lamb shift,
in the vacuum fluctuations. These ‘‘virtual’’ particles give birth to everything
in the Material World.
Maybe therefore Danah Zohar wrote:
” If we were looking for something that we could conceive
of as God within the universe of the new physics, this ground
state, coherent quantum vacuum might be a good place to start.”
/ Book ‘The quantum self ’ page 208, by Danah Zohar. /
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What will be? You’re talking about the average, ground state within space-time vesicles, bubbles, i.e. universes. The conservation laws are iron clad in them. What has that got to do with the infinite negentropy multiverse?

We agree. Back around 2000 I remember coming across a Time/Life book, I believe the title was “Molecules” and it consisted of the the hundred most common organic molecules, from simplest to most complex.
It was paging through that book and seeing how simple those combinations of a very few elements build on top of each other to create the foundation for the plethora of natural life we see around us.
It’s among my special cosmic moments, eureka as they say. It totally exploded that cute quip of Einstein’s. The atoms were the dice and the rolls of dice were molecular configurations. Some worked, some didn’t and disappears from the scene.

Also as much as Einstein is to be admired, and I do, I don’t think it’s inaccurate to say he never interested himself in Earth’s actual evolution, it was beneath him, he was after God, or MATH, or some such ultimate answer.

If I’m wrong about that please someone correct me with relevant links.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Again Einstein was no more talking chemistry than he was biology or God.

Fair enough.

But considering that quote of his is used in every imaginable philosophical argument, and beyond, it’s not unfair to extrapolate. After all those quantum particles add up to something real. Or?

Folds within folds of harmonic complexity flowing down the stream of time.

Merrily, merrily. Merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

Not by me it isn’t. If people are ignorant enough to misapply it, that’s their jeopardy.

I’m glad you do understand Einstein.

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Okay fine, God doesn’t play with dice, but Nature certainly does.

Correct. Unless God instantiates nature of course. It’s good to see chemistry talking Einstein.