Religion and the denial of the body

@citizenschallengev4 Could you develop on that?

A French public intellectual, Michel Onfray, often insists on the fact that Catholicism has tended to look down on the body, influencing negatively our understanding of reality and even morality.

(I like Onfray’s thought on hedonism, atheism and epicureanism. He also speaks quite well, straightfowardly, clearly, I would say generously.
He made a lot of his lectures free and available on the Internet.

Some of his atheist and hedonist books are translated in English! Michel Onfray - Wikipedia

Unfortunately, coming from the left (social anarchism), he turned into what we call a “rouge-brun” (“red-brown”, both a far-left and a far-right) in the past decade or so.

Onfray has indirectly supported the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in recent years, and is often interviewed by (more and more numerous) far-right media networks)

But, besides " Inside Michel Onfray’s Radical Philosophy of Pleasure @ Philosopheasy, none seem to come with an English translation. German I could probably handle, but that and English is the best I can do.

Recognizing one’s individual biological self requires,
A) Understanding, (driven to appreciation), for the fact of our body being the ongoing result of Earth’s biological tinkering, and that we are kin to all other creatures upon this planet.
B) That your body/brain creates your consciousness. Your consciousness is the reflection of your body communicating with itself and getting on with the business of living, inside and outside.

Appreciating the Physical Reality ~ Human Mindscape divide is the foundational recognition - from which serious understanding can flow.

Whereas, philosophers believe it’s their job to create meaning - I rather believe it’s my job to understand what I observe.

They look down on sexuality which makes the body an enemy to them. But I don’t think they ever consider what’s under the skin, beyond desire and passion, that is.

But all that is still very superficial - perhaps mind generated is a better term.

Inside Michel Onfray’s Radical Philosophy of Pleasure @ Philosopheasy

1:13 … body is a temple, Andre goes one step further the body is the playground …

I get people upset with me when I claim that much (I imagine most) of philosophy is self-absorbed thinking, driven by self-serving motives. And so long as the actual factual physical reality of our evolution and our interior body generated mind gets explicitly recognized, it won’t get past spinning its wheels. Of course, producing plenty of careers in the process, but achieving little by way of tangible progress.

1:25 “… physical existence isn’t an obstacle but a vital part of our happiness…”

Think about how silly that is. “Physical existence isn’t an obstacle…”
For crying out loud, physical existence is the prerequisite of everything!

1:50 preached Hedonism and materialism long before it was cool

A tad presumptuous don’t you think, Hedonism and materialism has had champions since forever.

2:18 entangled in the intricate webs of religious Dogma Entre offers a fresh perspective by prioritizing rationality and Human Experience over Divine Commandments his philosophy sets you on a path to Define your own moral universe

And this goes to my contention that much of philosophy still struggles with the shadow of religion.
I mean it indicates to me that philosophers for the most part still haven’t really absorbed the reality, or the significance, usually both - that religions and God’s are formed from within our own hearts & minds!

Lozenge I had a local philosopher professor chide me a little while back that my writing was confused about God. Why you might wonder.
Well, this professor told me that I didn’t understand the difference between the meaning of God and the Being of God which is beyond our comprehension.

I was gobsmacked. At our next meeting asked him: How does an Assumption of God become a Being of God? I’ve repeated the question in writing and shared with the philosophy club. Never receive an answer from anyone. I’ve shared it here, there was a little discussion, but one has been able to give an answer.

I suspect an answer is impossible for some.

Yet the challenge is easily resolved by recognizing that Gods come from within us, as with all our convictions, thoughts, feelings.
We ourselves turn our assumptions of God into a reality God.
Our faith reaffirms the Being of that God.

But the thing is all of that resides within our minds and not out there in the biological-physical-material Reality that our bodies were born out of.

A philosophy class that doesn’t have an answer to a god question?!? I’m skeptical.

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Yeah, well there you go.
I’m disappointed too. the guy reminds me more of my priest catechism teacher, than what I was expecting from a serious philosophy professor.
But, I guess I’m not a paying student, so, be off with ya.

Not the first time perceived big shots, have shriveled before my eyes. I listen to the talk, then watch their walk. Oh but he advised me to take my suggestion to philosophy clubs - though what I’m attending is called a philosophy club and open to the public - what should take away from that?

My low opinion of philosophers comes from more than simply listening to questionable talking head characters that are out there.