Good morning folks…
I really did a number on myself yesterday. I know I don’t handle that cheap beer well, and yet I bought it. Stupidity squared. What a useless day it was. Got nothing done. But hey, sometimes you need that. Just chilling and doing nothing. Not today.
Since it’s Sunday morning and I’m in mellow mood, not all intellectually stimulated yet, what do I do? I watch the preachers.
Some of the stuff they say is actually very encouraging (especially Joel Osteen), and the people sitting there listening, they’re my neighbors and that’s our “hypostatization of our dreams”, so I can’t reject it. - On the other hand, some of it is really, really silly. Taken as our pastime it’s fine, taken literally you wonder where the common sense went.
I view religion as very good psychology. Like my grandma used to say, “if people still went to Confession, you wouldn’t need all these psycho doctors”. I think she had a point there, as that’s what religion does, it embalms your wounded psyche. And in that sense, I think it’s a helpful and good and needed thing. Once it interferes in the world otherwise, like evolution vs. creation, it becomes dangerous. Putting people’s minds in order to be ready to approach the new week… perfect. Just keep it in the spiritual realm.
I remember D. James Kennedy. Visited his church a few times. Never met him personally. Once I was there, on invitation, to hear a talk by Bruce Waltke, one of the actual translators of Old Testament manuscripts for most Bible translations. Was fantastic. What a great and humble man. - In line with their political agenda though, a few months later, Mr. Waltke was dismissed from his teaching post at a Reformed college. Oh my. And why? Because he entertained the idea that evolution is true. Now that’s messed up. You dismiss one of the most learned men over this nonsense. That really did it for me. I always thought the Reformed / Presbyterians were some of the more intellectual Christians, you know, as they had built many universities and stuff and seemed on a higher level than mere snake handlers. That’s what happens when you take yourself too seriously. My favorite line from Nietzsche, from one of his poems, “with every pound of love, take a grain of self-contempt”.
Hmm… why did I say that now. No idea. Just sitting here watching the preachers and letting my mind run free. - Calvary Chapel is on right now. Whatever.
Have a great Sunday everyone!