Desert breeze

Swirling , twirling, billowing dust
desert breeze obscuring just

Lazing , dazing, the lizard lies
blazing sand unblinking eyes

Waiting, watching, soaring high
drifting on silent wings he spies
searching for prey the eagle flies

Hurrying, scurrying toward it’s lair
the little hare hastens, still unaware

Now it’s time, the wings to fold
swooping down, plunging bold
talons stretched, grasping hold
the little hare dies as life unfolds

Swirling, twirling, billowing dust
desert breeze obscuring just



Nice, W4U!

Yes it is Tim, it’s extra fun if one’s been fortunate enough to see it happening in person.

Thanks for bringing back a couple wild memories with so much style.


Sunday Park

Brightly filters sunlight
through the foliage
of the scarred old tree
bearing knife marks
Joe loves Mary, 1993
hearts with arrows carved so boldly
for anyone to see

Sunday morning park
basking in the sun
flowers blooming, beetles zooming
so inviting to have fun

Car pulls up the parking lot
slamming doors, engine hot
blankets, dishes, picnic baskets
on the grass that’s still wet
bats and balls, strung out net
now we’re ready, we’re all set

Watch it Johnnie, don’t do that
oh, were is that catsup now
Steven see, you broke the bat
we need more coals, this meat is raw

Oh my, I’m just too old for this
I should have stayed at home
mother, look, you see this bump
he hit me with a stone

Sunday sunday park
blazing in the sun
people bustling, children tussling
all pretending to have fun

Time is up, time to go
it’s getting onto six
take it down, pack it in
no, no, no, no more tricks
we’ll be back next week for sure
you can count on that
hurry up now, let’s get going
has anyone seen my hat

Sunday evening park
slowly sets the sun
litter scattered, flowers battered
all is quiet from the fun

Dimly filters sunlight
through the foliage
of the scarred old tree
bearings knife marks
I love Mary, Joe is crazy, 1993
hearts with arrows, carved so boldly
but no one to see.


Write4’s posts have been a welcome break from the last couple months paranormal experiences and (not-so) intelligent design.

Just for you, Lausten. The worst of both worlds

In the face of every baby
In the setting of the sun
In the blooming of the flowers
In my having tears and fun
All things I cannot understand
Without a lot of work
Reveal to me His perfect hand
Designing all you jerks!
You cannot tell me it’s not true
'Cause then I’d have to read!
So instead I simply pick and choose
What is to be believed
You evidence is lacking so
Your “facts” easy to spurn
'Cause it’s simpler to just choose to “know”
What’s too much work to learn

Widdershins, did you write that? It’s pretty good. I need humor or wit in poetry to keep me interested.

I remember singing something similar to that in Sunday school back in the early 80’s.

Why thank you, and yes, I did write that. It’s my love poem to Lausten. He posts some shit, mostly about politics, that bums me the hell out, so I thought I’d pay him back a little by bringing ID into the poetry thread he was enjoying.

Old man dreaming

Old man sitting, rocking, dreaming
summer evening, swamp air steaming
he’s a thinking, puffin smoke

Pipestem worn, burned out bowl
crops of corn, grandma’s stole
he’s a thinking, puffin smoke

Silver watch, cousin Joe
boxing match, what a blow
he’s a thinking, puffin smoke

Old man, old man, sitting all alone
thinking and a dreaming, ain’t no phone
He’s had a good life bye and bye
now he’s resting, time does fly

Jody’s dog, what a scare
Billy’s hog, last years fair
He’s a thinking, puffin smoke

Caught a trout in the rain
damn that gout causin pain
he’s a thinking, puffin smoke

Old man sitting, rocking , dreaming
summer evening, swamp air steaming
He’s a thinking, puffin smoke.


TimB, CC-v.3, Lausten

Thank you and I am happy that I was able to stir your empathic networks with simply describing a few images in a contextual setting.

Empathic responses are generated in the Mirror Neural System (MNS) and allows us to experience (imagine) the world from another’s perpective.


Action understanding Action understanding is the fundamental function of the MNS. Each time the animal observes a certain action being performed by another animal, the mirror neurons representing the performance of that action are activated.

The mirror neurons transform visual observation into knowledge.[3] Studies on humans during action observation have shown activation of the IFG, the IPL and a region within the STS. The precentral motor cortex though not activated by action observation is involved indirectly in action understanding as they have a role in motor imagery.[7]


Desolation dwells

Left emptiness, vacant room
stark walls, lonely broom
tilting table, checkered cloth
coffee stains, lifeless moth
human beings here once dwelt
perhaps hope here once was felt
but look around and see
could it have been but misery
desolation dwells

Uninspired ornaments of alabaster
molded scrolls of casting plaster
windows smudged with coated grime
wooden floors revealing time
desolation dwells

Left emptiness, vacant room
stark walls, lonely broom
tilting table, rusty knife
reminders of the time
this lonely place once was alive
human beings here once dwelt
joy and sorrow once were felt
now shadows cast a silent spell
and desolation dwells


This beautiful video never fails to evoke a tear or two.


The vid evoked a few smiles from me. But No tears. Perhaps my mirror neuron system is off.

But Write, you have a talent for poetry.

Thanks Tim,

I wrote these poems a long time ago during a few days of artistic inspiration. Have written a few short stories since, but alas no more poetry.

I have always had an empathic streak and am easily moved by displays of care and empathy among different species.

I am astounded by the ability of many animals to learn alien behaviors when associated with a reward system.

Bonobos are very smart apes and can learn language if exposed to language at an early age, which probably assists in growing language synapses in the brain.

Watch this extraordinary intelligent Bonobo, who can understand a vocabulary of several hundred word and compound sentences and perform some astounding feats of understanding the intent of a sentence.



I liked the instruction, where Kanzi (the bonobo) is told to wet the carrot. He throws it outside. The trainer assumes he made a mistake and did not follow the instruction. Then Kanzi points outside. It is raining.

Abstract thinking started very early in the hominid species. Now imagine a mutation resulting in a sudden increase in brain complexity and surface area.

Chromosome 2 is what sets humans apart from the apes, and they are already pretty smart.

When Koko lost her manx kitten (run over) which she had named “All ball” as compared to tailed kittens, she was heartbroken and sat in the window for days, forlorn and moaning from grief. When her handler asked her how she felt, Koko signed that; “All ball gone, not come back, Koko sad”

How can one use better poetry than that?



For those who are not familiar with Kahlil Gibran, I can recommend the thoughts of this great philosopher.

Even as I am atheist I can find great wisdom and poetry in his works.

His most famous book “The Prophet” is available for free download.

On January 1, 2019, The Masterpiece “The Prophet”, written by Kahlil Gibran became part of the public domain in the United States. This masterpiece is now available for FREE here in the United States.

If you are not a resident of the United States, You must check your own Countries Copyright Laws before you continue.


Thanks Write4U. Sometimes I just assume things like that are so well known, there’s no need to point it out again. Before I lost religion, I started doing retreats with Robert Bly’s MN Men’s Conference. They do story telling and Hafiz poetry and generally draw on that great wealth of wisdom through the ages. They are also careful to say, this is allegory.

Robert’s health is failing, but a new generation is picking it up. https://drmartinshaw.com/

A comprehensive reference library of brainy “quotes” by famous people;



You don’t have to be smart to suffer, but you probably do have to be alive.

Anil Seth.