Physical Reality ~ Human Mindscape. Why it matters.

I think I finally nailed why a clear explicit recognition of the divide between physical reality and our human “mindscapes” is so crucial to developing sane ideas and understandings.

The problem with not appreciating the divide between our ‘human mindscape’ and

the actual ‘physical reality’ that our bodies and brains are embedded within,

is how easy it is for people (especially the intellectually gifted) to get lost within the beauty and insights of their own thoughts, mind.

Their goal devolves into being ever more creative than the next guy or gal, forming wonderful answers becomes the focus of the person.

Creating problems is sweet, because it allows one to think up more beautiful insights and solutions to show off how smart one is.

That temps the ego to drive the construction of ever more beautiful intellectual edifices.


Forgetting that physical reality unfolds by its own rules, rules we are embedded within and can’t escape, not matter how creative our ideas may be.


Is it possible to get lost in your own mindscape? Or in someone else’s mindscape? Now that’s a scary idea…, especially if you carry a lot of baggage.


p.s. sorry, couldn’t resist that image… : )


I imagine there’s too much of both going on. ?

Think of all those sad souls who got sucked up into trump’s angry fantasy-based, self-obsessed, Mindscape and who seem to have lost sight of the reality of living in a complex society as a result.


There is so much information pouring in through our senses our mind can’t process it all, process it all at once. So our perception, the build of the Mindscape, takes bits and pieces and fills in the rest.

The wagon wheel illusion.


Think of all those sad souls -- CC
That is how I think about most of them. But when someone is that lost, they can't hear you if you tell them that. The abused don't leave the abuser, not just because they don't have a safe place to go, but because the abuser has convinced them they are the one they need. When it's your whole country that you are running from, it must be very frightening. Creating an alternate reality is a natural reaction.