Peek at a Trump Tax Return

Trump "Deep Throat" Emerges: Someone Leaks Donald's '95 Tax Filing To The NYT by Tyler Durden | Oct 2, 2016 For months democrats had complained that it was only damaging information associated with Hillary and the Democratic party that had been leaked during the election season, a string of hacks which was promptly assigned to Russia and Putin. That changed overnight. In its leading Sunday story, the New York Times reports that "Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades." Specifically, it reports that according to a previously undisclosed 1995 tax filing, Trump reported a $916 million loss on his income tax returns that year which could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income tax for up to 18 years. As it explains, "the 1995 tax records, never before disclosed, reveal the extraordinary tax benefits that Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, derived from the financial wreckage he left behind in the early 1990s through mismanagement of three Atlantic City casinos, his ill-fated foray into the airline business and his ill-timed purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan."
But, will it make any difference?

update on this story: July 30, 2021

NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams brings us the latest on the DOJ opinion that Congress has the authority to see former President Trump's tax returns.


We shall see.

And nothing to say about tax policy. How myopic.

Nope, this is about tracking down and exposing criminal.


Oh, incidentally, what have you done to improve US tax policy?

Terrible answer. Tells us nothing about the big picture. Sole focus here is on an individual not the system that gave rise to that individual

Heck, talk about terrible answer, you gotta dig deeper than the tax code to understanding what went wrong with America.

Therein lays the rub.

Ironically I’m finishing up James Michener’s Caribbean, if you want to understand white entitlement you got to take it back to before there was any US tax code. You’d need to start with the avarice in men’s souls and how the European heritage and legacy of greed, exploitation, blind consumption, equally blind racism that created today’s wayward world.


But again, you’re off point and this thread is dedicated to tracking trump’s tax return wars, not for debating tax policy. You might try starting a new thread, with some provocative opening thoughts, that others can respond to.




Yes. Keep going

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Really DJ, chill out. Contribute anything other than negative comments.