New play, The God Game

This looks like an interesting play, being tried out on Long Island.
Everybody has secrets. But Tom, the protagonist of Suzanne Bradbeer’s invigorating “The God Game," doesn’t have many. No sex tapes, no history of electroshock therapy, no unfortunate Internet indiscretions. Unfortunately, Tom, whom a presidential candidate is considering as his running mate, harbors the doubt that dare not speak its name in American politics: He doesn’t quite, exactly, really believe in God. And people would like him to keep quiet about that.
“The God Game," Hudson Stage’s first offering of the season, is an unusual play in several ways. It takes the point of view that the Republican Party can be saved from itself. And although the play clearly argues for freedom of religion — in this case, the freedom to have none — its one churchgoing, Bible-verse-quoting character is also the only one who seems determined to stick to her principles.

Sounds like The Contender. Jeff Bridges, 2000.