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Today’s Facts about the Religion and God
Part 3 of 3
A bizarre thing happened while I was doing research. The Bone Box of Jesus was in the news. This antiquities dealer in Israel was arrested and charged with creating a forgery and marketing it. Israel had about 70 of its top experts declare it was a forgery. Israel wanted to put this man in jail and take his collection. A reporter out of Canada and some US news people got a hold of the story and got a couple of laboratories on this side of the ocean involved.
It turns out that it was not a forgery. The investigative reporter had a university figure out the odds of the box not being Jesus’ bone box. Using very conservative figures it came out to if I remember right 300,000 to 1 that is was Jesus’ bone box.
Now we are talking the bones of GOD for the Christians and the second major prophet for Islam.
Bone boxes were not used by the Jews and were not Jewish. But there were a lot of bone boxes near the Temple Mount.
The Israeli government took the bones out of the boxes and gave them to the Jewish Rabbis. Why? I can think of a lot of reasons.
Now there are 5.5 billion Christians and Muslims in the world.
With all the TV preachers here in America I was expecting a big uproar.
Nothing, I mean nothing.
This had to be the biggest cover up and media control of modern times by the developed countries or religion is not about Jesus and God.
This came out of left field and I try to apply reason to the facts that the interest in God did not materialize. It had me wondering if God showed up and said that he was here for judgment if the people would even care.
I mean just a bad likeness of Jesus on a piece of toast brings world headlines. But when confronted with real facts, we got nothing.
Next I questioned my Christian friends. They all said it was a forgery. I ask them for some facts about the case and boxes and none of them knew anything. And I am talking about people who kiss the statue of baby Jesus before they go to bed.
They could tell me more about the next week’s weather than about the bone boxes.
It is not uncommon to think something represents an issue when in fact it does not.
Example would be like the Railroad claiming it was in the people transportation business. Then airplanes and busses came along and put them out of passenger business. That was because the railroad was not really in the transportation of people business otherwise it would have bought some busses and airplanes. It had all the resources. It could have invested and started manufacturing cars. It was in the freight business only.
Another example is the post office and phone company not getting into and controlling the internet.
So is the Religion business not really into the God business but into the controlling people’s faith business?
I did a project one time because of a new industry starting up. It was milking diaries that grew from 100 cows to 8,000 cows. They did not know that when they did that that they were really in the people management business as much or more than the dairy business. Once I showed them labor management techniques and got them into labor management their lives became better, other wise one labor strike would have put most of them out of business. They were all very smart people but they were to close to the standard accepted thinking of what a dairy was to see they had changed the main controls and issues of the business.
There is a real possibility that same thing has happen to the business of religion.
Now, ask a simple non-issue question to a Christian about the bone box and the Christians for no reason become defensive. Why is that? Deep down is there a cult mentality?
And it is not just the bone boxes. This professor from England working on a research project for an Israeli diamond merchant (Israeli government) goes out and follows leads given to him by the diamond merchant and fines the ARK, then writes a book about it. If I remember right he spent twelve years on the project.
What happen in the religious world when he published his findings?
A lot of the translations in the bible are wrong. Every few years they change a few of the texts to represent a better translation. Some of the bibles, not all of them this last time change the “virgin Mary" to “Mary the young woman".
Now I’m no expert, but to me that seems like a major change. Again, nothing from the Christian world.
Some guy burns the bible and the Christian world gets upset. Change the whole meaning of the virgin birth and nothing. So is the bible today just an icon to the Christians?
Boy, talk about the Sheppard having his flock of followers.
I get the feeling sometimes that the bible is more of a crutch for Christian beliefs than a guide book.
Went to a church with a friend of mine a couple months ago. People spoke in tongues and they walked around babbling. Some sat and worked themselves into trances rocking back and forth and others stood in corners and babbled to the wall. Now in trying to understand what the reasoning was on this behavior I looked it up when I go home. This is my understand, god was speaking to the people thru them and only the righteous could understand them. But nobody was listening to them. And every fifth word by the pastor was “Jesus".
In this Jim Jones religious mentality why are so few interested in the religious history or finding out about the past religious history.
Even on this website I entered a post about the search for the Port of Perunefer in Egypt.
No interest. Not that a lot of people would be but in finding out about Egypt or religion, but it is of major importance to have the correct facts about the heritage of mankind.
Yet American Idol on TV has more of the public’s major interest than religious items.
A decade ago there was a youth movement into religion. Ministers were filling stadiums and coliseums around the country. Country music singers were putting out religious recording.
Is the religion of the youth movement more of a fad than a fulfillment of the divine?
Because the movement’s youth are not on the internet searching or working with the forums about religious facts or history.
Some do get disillusioned with the church and become atheists but are still in need of answers. Their problem is they do not know the questions they need the answers for, so they seem to be bouncing around on different subjects and ideas.
We have religion and god. The bible is no source on understanding god. So now I am looking at religion.
So what does “religion" really mean today?
Encarta Dictionary

  1. Beliefs and worship - people’s beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life.
  2. System - an institutionalized or personal system of beliefs and practices relating to the divine
  3. Personal beliefs or values - a set of strongly-held beliefs, values, and attitudes that somebody lives by
  4. Obsession - an object, practice, cause, or activity that somebody is completely devoted to or obsessed by
    • The danger is that you start to make fitness a religion.
    So, the general accepted definition of Religion says nothing about it being any thing more than a belief or obsession in today’s society.
    Next, what is the ‘Christian Religion’?
    The Encarta Dictionary says the same thing, it is a belief, and they added a belief that Jesus Christ is the savior.
    So, religion is a “belief". And belief is “faith". And faith is “religious beliefs".
    Point being, that you could have found the Ten Commandments and the burning bush but nobody cares. Find a stain on a dish towel that looks like what people think Jesus looked like and you really got some thing.
    Conclusion about the Religion and God
    Religion today is not about the god that the bible is based upon or the bible. It is about the belief that today’s faith is based on, in other words it’s all in the mind and seems to follow the movement of the masses.
    Most likely the people at the time of Jesus were more like the people today, following a belief of mind more than looking for scientific facts and past history. Jesus offered a belief in a system that was more on the scientific edge of that time. Created a following that was hijacked by the Roman Church long after Jesus was gone.

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RE: Geza Vermaes
I read the Wikipedia data. Agree with some and disagree with some.
Pieces of the puzzle;

  1. Jesus at the City of Gods.
  2. Thomas going to India.
  3. Gospel of Thomas, Mary and Judas.
  4. Bone boxes.
  5. NT god vs. OT god
    I would like to read “The Gospel of Jesus the Jew".
    I think there was more Canaan’s living in Egypt than Israel. Four cities of Jews alone. Many of the Jewish customs are really Egyptian customs.
    My bet is Jesus got educated at the University of Alexandria; his Jewish customs were a little different from Israel because he grew up in Egypt. So when he went to Jerusalem his thinking was different, but his knowledge was broader in religion. There was also a Jewish Temple in Egypt. I would also bet that the wealth and rich Jews were located in Egypt.
    Why would Jesus want to go to Jerusalem?
    Jesus could have been sent there by the Temple in Egypt to bring Jerusalem more in line with mainstream Jewish thinking. The reason I say this is because of the bone boxes, they were being used before Jesus. And they are found at the Temple Mount.
    Another point is that we know that one of the Jewish sections was located across the lake at Alexandria and quite large. When the Romans destroyed Jerusalem we do not see any trouble out of the massive Jewish population in Egypt.
    Another item that is off subject, I love reading the old letters. I have only read a few and I want to read more. They do not talk about religion but normal stuff. They give me an understanding that people got along most of the time and they talk about day to day problems.