Muslim teaches a small town

My wife has “Love Thy Neighbor” by Alvar Virji for her book club, so we listened to it together. It’s s short book. It starts out with some gut wrenching stories of being a Muslim in America for 9/11 and then 2016. In 2016, they live in a small Minnesota town, where I know prejudice is rampant, but small towns need doctors, so he has their respect.

Well, not everybody. The book, revolves around a 1 hour talk he did to the town to “explain” his religion. I was torn, because I understood his anger and fear and reactions. I also spotted all the fallacies.

Mainly, “not all Muslims” and those terrorists aren’t real Muslims. But, he did a great Bible/Koran quote quiz in the middle that got everyone thinking. I have to admire his bravery, despite the errors in delivery.

of course there are good and bad Muslims, just like any other people
But let’s ask minorities living in Islamic countries like Pakistan - first of all, why are they Islamic countries? Why must everyone live under their laws? Blasphemy laws are used to lynch and kill minorities at will
These are not pleasant countries to live in
And yet the very same people come to the west, face a bit of discrimination and suddenly they start talking equal rights for everyone - a right they do not give to even their own women, who have to live under Burkhas and Hijabs
There is no Anti-Semitism in Islamic countries - all Jews have been systematically killed or driven out! The peace of the graveyard!
The worst is their silence over these issues - they never seem to take responsibility that there are problems in their societies