Music of the Spheres

To get a feel of the inherent power generated by universal activity, listen to this awesome symphony.





Ameture radio and “SpaceWeather” fans pick up the same kind of stuff for local space events. EMP/CME, meteors …

They occasionally pop up on I’ll have to find some examples.


Well, darn! I also found this on “Hearing meteors”:

Basically, the explanation is that these meteors give off very low frequency (VLF) radio waves, which travel at the speed of light. Even though you can’t directly hear radio waves, these waves can cause physical objects on the Earth’s surface to vibrate. The radio waves cause a sound, which our ears might interpret as the sizzle of a meteor shooting by.
Is it possible to hear meteors? | Space | EarthSky


I wonder if this is the one they launched … maybe 2 years ago … At Night! Haha

I remember the irony of the joke.

Found it:

Just 17 months since launch, and after three orbits around the Sun, Parker Solar Probe — designed, built and now operated by Johns Hopkins APL for NASA — has not disappointed.

(video dated Jan 2020)

32 months back?