Lost in Math: Sabine Hossenfelder, playing basketball on Earth. ;-)

I’ve watched a few Sabine Hossenfelder shorts on YouTube and know she’s got plenty out there, I’ve seen the title of her book Lost In Math around, recently I even put it on my wish list at Audible.com still it wasn’t until yesterday that I started getting acquainted with her work.


Physics is still in crisis

There has been no progress in the foundations of physics for 40 years. In my book “Lost in Math” I have explained why that is and what can be done about this. In this video, I briefly summarize the content of the book.

1:40 …

… the foundations of physics has stopped part of the reason

I think is that physicists and the foundations themselves have been talking so much rubbish that people have
come to believe foundational work is just philosophical speculation and has lost any relevance for technological progress…

indeed I’m afraid most of my colleagues now believe that themselves,

of what has gone wrong as the subtitle says the problem is that

physicists rely on unscientific methods to develop new theories these methods are variations of arguments from mathematical beauty

though many physicists are not aware that this is what they are doing this problem has been particularly apparent when …


Arguments For “Beauty”

3:45… but it does not really solve the problem because they have not analyzed how it could have happened that they collectively and we are talking here about thousands of people believed in something that was so obviously unscientific so this is where we stand today the recognition that something is going wrong and the foundations of physics is spreading but physicists still have not done anything to fix the problem how can we even fix the problem. I explained this in my book …







Sabine Hossenfelder

Do I exist?

youtube - com/watch?v=MTWmz9k7v9M

Ps Sabine Hossenfelder PhD

Sabine Hossenfelder remained in Germany until 2004 as a postdoctoral researcher at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt, Germany.[3] She moved to North America and completed research fellowships at the University of Arizona, Tucson, University of California, Santa Barbara and Perimeter Institute, Canada.[7][8][9] She joined Nordita Institute for Theoretical Physics, Sweden, in 2009 as an Assistant Professor.[10][11] In 2018 she was a Research Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies.[12]

Hossenfelder’s research interest is in the phenomenology of quantum gravity.[10] She focuses on the role of Lorentz invariance and locality, which would be altered in the discovery of quantum gravity.[10] Hossenfelder is trying to find experimental evidence of quantum gravity.[13][14][15][16] Since 2007 she has been involved with the annual conference series “Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity”.[17] Hossenfelder has created a number of YouTube videos exploring the topic.[18][19][20] She has been employed by the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies since 2015, where she leads the Analog Systems for Gravity Duals group.[21] Hossenfelder has also been researching since at least 2008 on how technology is changing researchers’ ability to publicize, discuss, or publish their research, when she co-organized the Science in the 21st Century workshop.[22]

Just saying, even physicists listen her, because she knows her stuff.