It's great when we disagree

Outside of the radicals who go out to just piss others off, there is something to argue to the advantages of a forum of people who disagree. Honestly, when I think about any reason why I would want to post on this forum, my main reason would be to challenge the thinking of other people on the forum, but not just that, to put my own thoughts to the challenge.

Look, I’m the youngest one here at 50 years of age and I have NO problem displaying my views publicly, and if I find rationale from people who post here that supersede my own, then I’m actually excited to learn from my mistakes. I don’t get that from anyone here. I don’t get the feeling that any of you really care more about learning more about the world or human nature rather than just being right within the forum and not to mention being nice as any snarky person can possibly be without getting the blueprint to death. The self endowed title of success with this forum becomes a sad place of hive minds where all attack the threat.

Do you think it’s right on said forum to be shouted out as a traitor for having a dissenting voice and tolerated as such?

Well, if one promotes sedition and/or treason, that would warrant an identifier of the poster, no? There is no way to argue for insurrection and expect support from me.

OMG. I have made no pro - jan 6th comments on this board only for you to make such an interpretation when I make critic about Biden’s govt. This to you is paramount to treason! (insult removed by moderator)

Then you are not reading posts very carefully. Your expectations for people agreeing with you are way too high. Your tolerance for disagreement, way too low.

What does “nice as any snarky person can possibly be” even mean? Sounds you are justifying your poor communication. And what is “getting the blueprint”?

@mitch70 I’m getting the feeling this isn’t just about disagreements, but someone is still in mourning. Yes, the forum changed after your dad died and Doug et al left to do other things, leaving me as the remaining long time mod to find new mods. Everything changes, but you know what I had to do most on the forum? Ban people. It takes a lot before I hit the ban button and with this new forum there are other options, besides banning.

Secondly, I get you miss Jerry. Many of us long timers remember him and miss him too, but sadly he’s gone. We can’t change that. He was in his 90s after all and no one can live forever as much as we’d like. I also remember you being upset when we (Doug et al) ban someone after Jerry died, saying that’s what killed him. You were in mourning then too. It’s been around 5 years since he did, I think. I’m not going to tell you to get over it, because grieving takes time the closer we are to another person who’s died and seeing all the changes since he died affects your mourning because it’s like another piece of him has gone.

I get all of that, but things do change. They never stay the same. Sadly, you can’t hang onto the way the forum was. I’ve been there, done that, with another forum, but a different reason, and it never goes back to the way it was. I occasionally dropped in every now and then, but never stayed. I just left the forum and then my best friend who moderated that forum died and I haven’t been back except to share my condolences with the other members.

If you find the changes difficult to deal with, then my best recommendation is to find a new forum or internet group that makes you happy and try to move on. Dropping once in a while to CFI forum is OK, if you want, but staying here won’t bring anything or anyone back. I loved VAMB (ST: Voyager forum), but there were too many issues there and after my friend died, I really did have to move on, even though I haven’t found another Star Trek forum that makes me happy. The past is gone, except maybe in the “Wayback Machine”, and I could not hang onto something that wasn’t there any more. I found “A Place of Our Own” to post my S.T. stories and I’m slowly working my way back into the Star Trek venue on a totally different format and forum. That doesn’t mean I don’t still miss my friend, who BTW, was like mother to me. I still miss her, as does her daughter. I found out yesterday, her daughter either lost or remove their website and that was a bit painful, but life goes on, even on the interwebs.

I don’t think you can hang onto the past and be happy either. Find what makes you happy and helps you move on with life. If CFI brings you too many memories of your father and the changes are too painful, then please feel free to move on to something on the webs that makes you happy. We’ll all understand, but you have work through your mourning of the loss of your father- in your own way, but I don’t think you can grieve and move on here on CFI forum.

Actually, you accused Doug, McKenzie, and me (all mods with your father at the time of his death) of killing your father because we banned said person.

No, I will not ban you because you ask me too tying it to your father’s death and all. It would just give you one more reason to take your mourning out on us. You will have to work through your father’s death without further blame. You have to get past this stage of mourning and move on, even if it means finding a different forum on your own.

I have read some good disagreement DISCUSSIONS between @write4u and @citizenschallengev4
They weren’t just one-line snipes like “That’s not enough” “That won’t work” “What are you going to do about it”

Or hey look over there or the price of fish and chips or just look at me- I am a joke

Specifically describing behaviors that don’t work and comparing them to behaviors that do, is no joke. It’s constructive. That’s what posts like this are attempting to show; what constructive dialog looks like.

From my perspective I can only agree with that… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Fish and chips are rather rare in my area. The seafood fast-food joints don’t seem to make it around here.
It is more of a novelty dinner if we run across one.

As in " you have no idea"

Who are you even talking to? Join in the witty banter for once!!



Do you think it’s right on the said forum to be shouted out as a traitor for having a dissenting voice and tolerated as such?





Well, if one promotes sedition and/or treason, that would warrant an identifier of the poster, no? There is no way to argue for insurrection and expect support from me.

I wish I could find humor in this but write4u was serious just moments after djtexas made his point. I’m asking that people on this forum stop and slow down for a bit before they come to their conclusions about other forum members.

It is great when we disagree, but why so many topics degenerate in squabbles and names droppings ?

He was in his 90s

Not that it matters, but he was actually 85 years of age when he passed away. When George was banned it really changed him. Look, I don’t blame Doug for banning George. From what I’ve read he could be quite eccentric, but Jerry argued that he did a good job of keeping the activity in the forum.

He and I would go out to lunch every week and talk philosophy and things that went on the forum. When George was banned Jerry said that he had felt like his IQ had dropped by 20 points and that food tasted horrible to him. One day he calls leaving me a message that he checked out of the hospital (against the hospitals will) and went home. He asked if I could stop by to help him as he had trouble getting around. It’s funny because the message was so matter-of-fact that he made it seem as though it wasn’t a major issue. I get to his house to find him lying on the floor beside his bed. He’d spent the whole night there after literally crawling up the stairs. I get there to seeing him on the floor “Should I call 911?” I asked to which he said, “In a minute, but could you get some things for me first” to which he listed a few things just so that he could have supplies when he gets to hospital. I get everything and call 911. As I’m leaving I took a final photo of the house that I had spent the greater part of my youth at. We get to the hospital and Jerry’s calm and polite with everyone, but he seemed a bit more out of it than usual. He asked if I could pick him up some Dr. Pepper from the store. I run out and come back with a 6 pack (unfortunately warm) to which he drinks it saying, “It feels like heaven”. I was going to stop by the next day but got the call from the hospital that he had passed away from a heart attack. He was the last guy I could ever openly talk with on just about any issues, so there was that void when he died. I do though however have a new love for Dr. Pepper, so there is that at least.

Even at 85, it isn’t unusual for one to have a heart attack and die. I don’t think that George being banned had anything to do with it though. Although, Jerry did practically lived on/for the forum. I was often amazed that he was so computer literate. Everyone in my family over the age of 60 refused to touch a computer. My grandmother, born in 1913 and died 14 years ago at the age of 95, is understandable, but my mother (born in '44) and aunt (born in '39) I could not understand why they wouldn’t learn. He did give me a new perspective concerning computers and people born before the 1950s.

I don’t think that George being banned had anything to do with it though.

Oh it certainly did. Remember I spoke with him all the time and he told me that after losing George that he lost all motivation in life. Look, the way I see it is that the forum kept him strong for a long time as people here gave him a purpose to live longer. Without this forum he could have easily died much earlier.

I was often amazed that he was so computer literate.

Absolutely, Jerry took me to computer conventions back in the early 80’s. The first computer he brought home was the Apple II+ and then later that Apple IIe. I didn’t get it back then, but my friends and I smashing the keys rapidly to win at the “Olympic Games” was met with a bit of frustration on his part.
Later in the 80’s he bought an IBM 486 for some 10k. Jerry loved to learn programing and spent a great deal of time meeting up with computer clubs. It’s where he got me a lot of great games for the Apple computers for my birthdays. 5 1/4 floppies of course.

I seriously doubt that was the ONLY thing, especially given his age. IF the forum gives you so many memories that upset you then you really need to find another forum that makes you happier. IMHO, from what I’m gathering, staying on this forum isn’t going to help you move on from your father’s death. As I said, I am not going to ban you, but I am going to encourage you to find another forum. There are other atheists forums, if that is what you want. There are sci-fi forums, but most of those aren’t as active as they once were. You can find forums that interest you and also bring you pleasure.

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