Islam is not really growing that fast

The statistics about the growing Muslim population always bug me because they assume Muslim parents will have Muslim kids. It’s true as long as they can continue to force them to be so, but historically, that doesn’t last, and currently, information is gaining traction as a way to combat that trend.

Hmmm, that makes sense.
I mean look around, how much has their religion helped them with the basics of living in a safe happy society.

Although a few moments ago I though of another angle to America’s rabid right wing extremism hiding behind religion. In particular, the “Right to Life” and Anti-Abortion movement, which don’t give a fig about the future condition of this planet’s environmental health, that those fetuses will grow up within. But I digress.

You’ve also got me thinking about the woman in Afghanistan, who knows what’s percolating under the surface. Oh gosh, then I think of the base viciousness of the religiously devout no matter what flag.

I knew that was going to be a never ending nightmare back in the Carter days. Too much betrayal, too much self-serving disregard for others, on every side, up and down the line. Now too much history of destruction.

Looks like the “boiling off” effect, where the moderates in countries with extreme Islamic governments leave and the most hardcore remain. Those people are very fertile and strong, while the non-believers become degenerates.

It happens with every religion but Islam is simply more extreme.

I hope you’re right, but it only takes a very small group of people within a cult to reignite a great deal amount of horrid destruction. The brotherhood of Muslims was laughed at back in the early 70’s before they had completely subjugated women into wearing tents in public. This photo on the website given doesn’t really say anything as to the condition of the Muslim subjugation of its people and worse yet to its women. This could be a photo taken on any given Sunday.