Intro + Society of Friends of Epicurus

Hi all,
I joined the forum after an invitation by a fellow Epicurean from our facebook group to share a piece I recently wrote for] on self-sufficiency from the perspective of applied Epicurean philosophy. I’m the founder of the Society of Friends of Epicurus] and author of Tending the Epicurean Garden], which is a contemporary, interdisciplinary introduction to Epicureanism. The book incorporates research on the science of happiness, neuroscience, diet and other fields that vindicate Epicurean theories of human wellbeing and constitutes a complete introduction into the process of applied or therapeutic Epicureanism. I hope you read, enjoy and share the book!
The most important content we’ve recently featured on our Society of Epicurus webpage is the Philodemus series, which is a modern commentary distilled from the scrolls of 1st Century Epicurean philosopher Philodemus, whose works were destroyed by the Vesuvius explosion and fragments of which were recently deciphered. It’s very difficult to come across Philodemus, most of his book are not affordable or simply not available. The series of articles are organized in the form of “Reasonings”. Among them, the Reasonings on Philodemus’ On Death] are my favorite.
If you know nothing about our tradition, a good intro is the piece That Old Time Secularism]. Society of Epicurus has a facebook page] and a twitter feed] which publishes not just our content but a variety of other science-of-happiness, philosophy and humanism content.
We also have an Epicurean philosophy] group which is very active, so if you’re into Epicureanism or if you read my book and decide to delve deeper into our tradition, please feel free to join us on facebook …