How the world would be if WWI and WWII did not happen?

The chance that WWI did not happen is very slim, given that, in fact, everyone wished it.

But what if ?

What if our business, political, military leaders had curbed their infinite greed? What if the scientific advances of the 20th century would have been spread out over two or, even better three centuries?

Having the time to process the implications of what we were doing, before getting slammed with the next round of reality shattering discoveries and advances of the past century.

What if we’d have learned about our planet’s evolution and today’s *{well yesteryears} Earth’s biosphere and the intimate connections between all life on Earth, (we wouldn’t be here without fungus, and all sorts of marvels like that)?

What if we’d of learned to respect Earth with an emotional passion/commitment, akin to what we reserve for our tribes and ancestors? So that when we consumed things, we actually thought about the consequences and allowed value judgements to be weighted against moral expectations, obligations.

What if we built things with future maintenance and decommissioning in mind. Original tire manufactures would have leased tires, to be returned and recycled by the people who understand the product the best (and so on in other industries).

What if our society had taken a wholistic view of economy, appreciating the long term future of humans and other creatures and recognizing destructive externalities and working to mitigate them?
Build an economy on something other than conspicuous consumptions and wanton waste for the haves and misery for the rest.

And so on and so forth. If we’d have made relatively small adjustments in attitudes and expectations, it would have been a cinch to work with our Earth’s natural systems, but when maximizing profits and disregarding harms is all that mattered to pretty near everyone, it was a fools dream.

Now we’ve awoken the monster, hyper-energized our global heat and moisture distribution engine, woulda, coulda, shoulda. :sweat:

The whole world would be different. Two things immediately come to mind:

Most of the empires of that era would have lasted longer.

The Middle East would be much different today.