How do we move past a statement that cannot be proven

  1. I saw a UFO , I don’t know what it was.

  2. I believe in God but I cannot prove he exists .

  3. I do not believe in God but I cannot prove there is no God.

I don’t see any way to keep talking about the above statements after the period.

However, a A scientist could begin to explore the environment or the space above earth to hypothesize ,using the scientific method to begin to unravel nature , which has been done very well for hundreds of years.

It is said that theologians Can also move past the period. If they use individuals or institutions alive at the time who claimed to have observed events . But it is a fact that personal accounts of events are the most unreliable in the scientific community.

Theologians can also use the written word of individuals from the time. To claim proof Of events, but the writers are human, so written works are subject to personal interpretation, motivation , level of intelligence and what state of mind is the writer in at the time .

I can see only one way past the period.

Can anyone move past the period another way ?? ( with out resorting in hocus-pocus or magic )

Didn’t you already do it with the mention of the scientific method? If you include the philosophy of science, we can discuss what “prove” means. Books have been written on this.

Thank you for the response.

I am a antithesis, I posted this question because I’m troubled that some people don’t realize that once you acknowledge Your ignorance of a subject one of the only ways to move beyond ignorance is to use the scientific method or a testable verifiable repeatable method to arrive at a conclusion,not invoke magic ,I View faith as a weapon of mass destruction , With Faith you can be talked into,coerced or God directed you to do almost anything , therefore turning a good person into a bad one .

Just a funny thought I just had; if god is good and the devil is bad: wouldn’t people receive a welcome to hell party in celebration of being bad like the devil , not torture because they are just like the devil .

Just pointing that out.

True; the argument from personal experience is probably the most compelling to the person making it, but when it comes to convincing others, it’s the weakest. Consider that when the first European explorers in Australia discovered the platypus, naturalists back in Britain and America didn’t believe them. They thought it was a hoax. Photographs weren’t enough, even stuffed specimens weren’t enough. Only when they caught a live platypus and sent it back to a zoo did naturalists say, “Yeah, it looks like you’ve got a real, live animal there.” That’s the way it is with UFO’s and the paranormal at least.