Hate soeech

Should such hate speech as outlined here be banned from the Internet?
This is the website. Take a look.

Questions of the form
“Should ___ be banned from the Internet”
have the answer

yup, gotta run the human rat over population study to it’s ultimate resolution.

I think it’s more a question of “can it be banned” rather then “should it be”.
Ultimately, the answer is no.

I think that the websites that require email and real names don’t have as much of a problem. This subject has many levels of problems. For example the police using unions and political backing have been able to get away with murder. A few people of the public responds by ambushing police. This girl posted on the internet how she thinks the police have caused the problem. She is then blasted by the public backing the police as wrong and has her picture posted. She is hit with “hate" postings. But what she posted was her real feelings as a lot of young people do.