GMO hysteria and pseudoscience reduces choice at Chipotle

Chipotle announced today that they will eliminate all GMO products from their menu. While they have this right I believe they have been pressured into it by a small number of consumers who are waging war against a product they don’t even understand.
The anti GMO crowd says their fight is about having choices but in fact they are fighting to reduce choice by removing GMO’s through the creation of unjustified fear of these products. For those who dont regularly follow this issue McDonalds was going to use a new GMO potato that makes less of a naturally occurring cancer causing compound found in regular potatoes. Because of opposition from the anti GMO crowd they withdrew this plan. While McDonalds is certainly not health food putting pressure on this company in a way that forces them to use a less safe product shows how dogmatic and unscientific the anti GMO movement has become.