Fred Singer what's the big deal with the MWP?

I read a recent post over at
it’s a guest essay by that old fraud Fred Singer* over at WattsUpWithThat,
Singer dredges up and recounts all the old canards about Mann’s “hockey stick” graph, the MWP, and “hide the decline” … all of it garbage*, pretending that every one of Singer’s points hasn’t been refuted many times over.
It’s a true example of science in a vacuum.
And his audience eats it up, never wondering if his story should be checked out.
Why are they so accepting of Singer, a man who has lived off corporate PR budgets for the past half century - rather than trusting the body of work of a community of tens of thousands of Earth Scientists from throughout the world?
There’s something more than healthy rational skepticism going on here.
What is it?

Personally I think the unspoken monster in the room
is that most people WANT to hear these false messages of reassurance.
They rather get all lathered up and hateful toward folks they don’t understand or like,
then reexamine their own assumptions.
God forbid self-skepticism - or allowing new lessons to modify established assumptions and invested egos.

Oh yea speaking of Fred Singer, get a load of the guy’s track record
{I do have a correction Singer hasn’t been at it a half century, I mixed that up with the grand-daddy Fred Seitz, and I was rounding off. :-/ }

Two really disappointing scientists, both did some very good work in their earlier years then sold out to corporate interests.
In the 1980s Fred Seitz was in charge of a massive budget to research cancer links to a multitude of products except tobacco when he was with Philip Morris and then he took that basic model of disinformation to the climate change issue in the late 1980s. Fred Singer has continued the legacy and set up a number of front organizations to peddle the “truth” about climate change.
I also agree that they’re appealing to many people’s desire to not have to deal with changes that will require everyone accepting responsibility. Like a really good harmonica player on a bus that’s about to careen off a cliff, Singer is expert at distracting the public about an oncoming catastrophe that will likely take millions if not billions of people with it if we don’t change course and soon.

Yup, and the story has been well researched and documented:

Naomi Oreskes: "Merchants of Doubt" PICSClimateInsights