EXXON's criminal deception - their scientists knew - their self-serving executives didn't give a damned, and they have lied'n lied'n lied ever since

Exxon Knew about Climate Change almost 40 years ago A new investigation shows the oil company understood the science before it became a public issue and spent millions to promote misinformation By Shannon Hall on October 26, 2015 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/exxon-knew-about-climate-change-almost-40-years-ago/
For links to the following listed Key Documents link to EXXONKNEW.ORG
Exxon’s decades of deceit A timeline of what Exxon knew about climate science, and what they’ve done to deny, hide, and muddy the truth. http://exxonknew.org/timeline/ Top Ten Documents Every Reporter Covering Exxon-Mobil Should Know Originally published by Kert Davies with the Climate Investigations Center http://www.climateinvestigations.org/top-ten-documents-every-reporter-covering-exxon-should-know If you are a reporter covering ExxonMobil and the unfolding #ExxonKnew investigations underway in several states, the story can get very complex. Exxon is claiming it did nothing wrong. Exxon’s paid accomplices are martyring themselves and screaming about the First Amendment. We thought we would take it back to basics – the source documents. We created an online file cabinet of the key documents that have been revealed by investigative journalists over the past nine months and those in our Exxon archives from 25 years of watching the climate denial machine at work. We will add documents as they arrive on our desks. These documents all live at ClimateFiles.com, an archive built on the Document Cloud platform familiar to journalists, created with a grant by the Knight Foundation. KEY DOCUMENTS 1. 1998 American Petroleum Institute Global Climate Science Communications Plan 2. 1980 Imperial Oil’s Review of Environmental Protection Activities for 1978-1979 3. 1981 Letter from Esso scientist on impact of Natural Gas Project CO2 emissions 4. 1995 Global Climate Coalition draft primer Predicting Future Climate Change a Primer 5. 1996 Exxon publication “Global Warming – Who’s Right?" 6. 1997 Lee Raymond speech at China World Petroleum Congress 7. 1998 ExxonMobil Pamphlet: Global Climate Change – everyone’s debate 8. 2000 ExxonMobil publishes collection of New York Times Op-ad series on climate change 9. 2001 FOIA-ed memo from Exxon Mobil’s Randy Randol to Bush Administration Another 2002 memo from Randy Randol 10. 2006 ExxonMobil Heartland Institute DCI Group meeting targeting Clean Air Act

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http://exxonknew.org/#footnote2-ref Exxon knew about climate change half a century ago. 1 They deceived the public, 2 misled their shareholders, 3 and robbed humanity of a generation’s worth of time to reverse climate change. “Investigate Exxon. Recent reports have shown that Exxon knew about the threat of climate change decades ago. Yet over the course of nearly forty years, the company has contributed millions of dollars to think tanks and politicians that have done their best to spread doubt and misinformation — first on the existence of climate change, then the extent of the problem, and now its cause. If Exxon intentionally misled the public about climate change and fossil fuels, then they should be held accountable. We’re calling for an immediate investigation."
Sources for 1: “CO2’s Role in Global Warming Has Been on the Oil Industry’s Radar Since the 1960s" — InsideClimate News https://www.smokeandfumes.org/#/documents/document16 This 1968 report, unearthed by Center for International Environmental Law, is from scientists with the Stanford Research Institute reporting to the American Petroleum Institute. The report shows that the industry, including Exxon, was aware of the severe risks posed by climate change as early as 1968. Sources for 2: “Merchants of Doubt" (2010) “How Exxon Went From Leader to Skeptic on Climate Change Research" — Los Angeles Times “Exxon Sowed Doubt About Climate Science for Decades by Stressing Uncertainty" — InsideClimate News Sources for 3: “ExxonMobil Under Investigation in New York over Climate Statements" — The New York Times “California to investigate whether Exxon Mobil lied about climate-change risks" — Los Angeles Times Sources for 4: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Filings for ExxonMobil, 1999–2015 Gross Annual Profit, Totalled. Photo: Los Angeles Times (Exxon orchestrated a campaign of doubt and deception, making hundreds of billions at the cost of people's lives — now it's time for them to face the consequences.)
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Thank you for presenting this. This is the sort of evidence that should be distributed to the mass public. I encourage you to spread through social media(if you participate in that, I don’t so I apologize for not doing my part to help).

Thank you for presenting this. This is the sort of evidence that should be distributed to the mass public. I encourage you to spread through social media(if you participate in that, I don't so I apologize for not doing my part to help).
I'm 62 and every time I look at FaceBook, the whole thing simply doesn't compute and I walk away. Twitter seems an even bigger mystery I don't have the time to learn about or understand. I hear there's other stuff, but am clueless. Oh I got CFI, I must reach at least a dozen folks through this venue. I've got my sad little blogspot. I'll admit I keep hoping for someone with a little know how, to take an interest and lend me some informed help, but no takers to help expand it. Guess I irritate more than sooth, or something like that. I no longer think I'm the crazy one, too much a unfolded as I feared, with thoughts and logic that were roundly mocked. As they say the proof is in the pudding, not in my imagination. Now it's all sort of devolving into a simply mental health exercise, futile, but sure beats doing nothing. When I die I'll at least have the satisfaction of "I told you so!" yippy. It would be nice to find some community, I could easily be re-energized, but currently it's like trying to walk through a pool of molasses.
http://whatsupwiththatwatts.blogspot.com http://citizenschallenge.blogspot.com http: //no-villageatwolfcreek.blogspot. com (At least this one has had a bit of genuine impact on the issue at hand.)


Exxon Loses Bid to Keep Auditor Files Secret in Climate Fraud Investigation New York's highest court rejected Exxon's appeal. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is probing whether the oil giant misled investors on climate change risks. David Hasemyer - SEP 12, 2017 https://insideclimatenews.org/news/12092017/exxon-loses-pwc-auditor-ruling-climate-fraud-investigation-new-york-schneiderman-court Brushing aside objections by ExxonMobil, New York's highest court has opened the door for state officials to demand that the oil giant's outside auditor immediately turn over records as part of a fraud investigation into the company's positions on climate change. In a one-sentence rebuff, the court refused to hear arguments by Exxon that the advice of the firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), was protected by an auditor-client privilege. The documents in question could provide a candid, and potentially damaging, glimpse into Exxon's private calculations of the business risks posed by climate change and whether its auditors had any concerns about how it disclosed those risks to investors. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has been investigating the company for more than two years, said the ruling affirms his position that Exxon and PwC have an obligation to produce the documents subpoenaed last year. ...

A Christian and A Creations and A Deadbeat, phony is as phony does.

Pruitt fell behind on payments for his $50-a-night condo rental Trump said Thursday he still has confidence in his EPA chief, even as the agency is considering adding a review of Pruitt's lease arrangement amid other ethics probes. By ELIANA JOHNSON and ANDREW RESTUCCIA 04/05/2018 https://www.politico.com/story/2018/04/05/scott-pruitt-condo-rental-504603 Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt was at times slow to pay the rent on his $50-per-night lease in a Capitol Hill condo, according to two people with knowledge of the situation — forcing his lobbyist landlord to pester him for payment. Pruitt’s living arrangement is the latest ethical issue to come under scrutiny by the EPA’s inspector general’s office, which said Thursday it’s considering opening an investigation into Pruitt’s lease arrangement — a move that would add to reviews of Pruitt’s taxpayer-funded first-class travel, his use of special hiring authority to grant raises to aides and his spending on a soundproof phone booth for his office. ... (A secure direct line to his oligarch overlords, how convenient, American citizens paying for the deliberate destruction of our government.)
As new details emerge, Scott Pruitt’s housing arrangements come under scrutiny By Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin March 30 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2018/03/30/as-new-details-emerge-scott-pruitts-housing-arrangements-come-under-scrutiny/ Scott Pruitt’s unusual housing arrangement during much of last year — when he paid a lobbyist a modest sum each night for staying in a Capitol Hill condo she co-owned — has generated a new round of scrutiny about the financial decisions of the Environmental Protection Agency administrator. Pruitt paid $50 for each night that he physically stayed in the condo, which sits a stone’s throw from the Capitol and is co-owned by health-care lobbyist Vicki Hart. According to people familiar with the arrangement, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly, Pruitt initially approached her husband, lawyer J. Steven Hart, about staying there during his confirmation process in 2017 and then extended the terms of the arrangement through last July. ... ... Vicki Hart said in a separate statement Friday afternoon that she was not aware that Pruitt’s daughter might have been living in one of the condo’s rooms. “The rental agreement was with Scott Pruitt. If other people were using the bedroom or the living quarters, I was never told, and I never gave him permission to do that," she said, adding that if true, Pruitt would owe additional rent. ... ... J. Steven Hart is a personal friend and former colleague of Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, a former Williams & Jensen attorney who was a top Pruitt deputy before succeeding him. The firm represents Oklahoma Gas & Electric and received $400,000 for its work last year, according to EIP. The company is lobbying to scale back Barack Obama-era EPA rules limiting greenhouse-gas emissions from existing power plants. Hart said he did not work on the Oklahoma Gas & Electric account, and while his firm had two meetings with Pruitt since he joined Trump’s Cabinet, “I was not aware of them," he said. ...
And on and on, makes a patriot want to puke. Oh and the cipher doesn't believe science because the Bible tells him Earth is made for man to consume and destroy as fast as possible. Profits Über Alles It's a dark road we are heading down and most are totally oblivious, keeping plugged into Hollyworld is so much more comfortable.

Watch an excerpt from part two of “The Power of Big Oil,” a three-episode FRONTLINE docuseries investigating the fossil fuel industry’s history of casting doubt and delaying action on climate change.