Excellent articles in Humanist magazine

Excellent articles in this month’s Humanist Magazine.
Issue 606
October 17, 2014
From Science Education to the Anti-Science Left: An Interview with Eugenie Scott
TheHumanist.com Contributing Editor Clay Farris Naff interviews the fiercely smart and entertaining former executive director of the National Center for Science Education, Eugenie Scott. Read parts one and two.
Censoring American History
Benjamin Dancer’s high school history students and others made international headlines when they walked out of their classrooms to protest their school board’s plan to push patriotism and avoid negative aspects of U.S. history. Learn how he turned this act of civil disobedience into a teachable moment about our historical legacies.
The Need to Belong
Janet Asimov examines the various sociological, economic, and familial ways that humans seek a sense of belonging, and asks: “Can we transcend the need to belong to a tribe?"
Don’t Celebrate Columbus Day. Honor Native People.
Christopher Columbus’s legacy is for pillaging—not discovering—the New World. So why does he still get a holiday?
Favorite Pastime? A Seventh-Inning Walk through Hell in a Gasoline Suit
When bringing some visiting British friends to an all-American baseball game, things got awkward for Jason Heap when the stadium rose and sang “God Bless America"—and he remained seated.
Rules Are for Schmucks: Bigotry plus Greed
Luis Granados’s latest column explores the complicated legal world that can allow businesses to refuse to recognize same-sex marriage.
Forget Blessed: Can’t We All Just Have a “Nice" Day?
How would you react if a sales associate told you to have a “blessed day"? Read one reader’s reaction and take our poll.
Film Review: Left Behind
We can’t believe we’re writing this, but it turns out that non-religious plot holes ruined what would have otherwise been an enjoyable film about the Rapture. Fred Edwords reviews.
The Ethical Dilemma: Explaining Death
Joan Reisman-Brill offers advice on explaining death to young children—without relying on religious terms or ideas.
The Comics Section: Theological Excuses and Pizza-cize
New comics by Jesus and Mo and The Bad Chemicals!
The Humanist Hour #120: Should Humanists Criticize Islam?
In this episode, Bo Bennett speaks with Muhammad Syed and Sarah Haider on the issue of criticizing Islam and analyzing some of the recent comments made by people such as Sam Harris, Bill Maher, Reza Aslan, and Ben Affleck.
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