Einstein didn't understand his SRT.

Einstein didn’t understand his SRT.
" During our crossing, Einstein explained his theory
to me every day, and by the time we arrived
I was fully convinced: he understood it."
/ Chaim Weizmann,1921. After he escorted Einstein to the USA/
My opinion about Einstein’s SRT.
One of Einstein’s postulate says that quantum of light
moves in a straight line with constant and independent
speed c=1 (in the vacuum).
The other Einstein’s SRT postulate says that movement is
relative conception. The name of Einstein’s article is :
“ On the Electrodynamics of moving Bodies."
Einstein wrote about moving of ‘Electrodynamics Bodies’ (!)
It means he wrote about particles like quantum of light, electron. (!)
And then this other Einstein’s postulate must be understand as:
‘every speed , even the speed of quantum of light (!) is relative.’
It means that quantum of light in a vacuum can have
two kinds of motions: constant and relative.
SRT is theory about relativity of speed,
including the motion of quantum of light. (!)
SRT explains only the behavior of Quantum of Light ( ! )
The essence ( ! ) of Einstein’s SRT is hidden in the question:
What will be happen if the electrodynamics particle – quantum of light –
changes its constant - straight movement in the vacuum?
Lee Smolin, Book: The Trouble With Physics. Page 226.
“Einstein’s special theory of relativity is based on two postulates:
One is the relativity of motion, and the second is the constancy
and universality of the speed of light.
Could the first postulate be true and the other false?
If that was not possible, Einstein would not have had to make two
postulates. But I don’t think many people realized until recently
that you could have a consistent theory in which you changed only
the second postulate.”

Faster-than-light speeds in tunneling experiments:
an annotated bibliography
All the best.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.