Earth-Like Planets - Kepler Mission

With the help of today’s technology we are able to search life beyond Earth. According to astronomers there can be billions of earth like planets in Milky Way galaxy. If this is the sistuation for our galaxy by adding the other earth like planets in other galaxies we are reaching to the number of billions of billions planets.
For this mission Kepler spacecraft has been launched in 2009 by NASA and in its 4 years it succeed to discover many earth like planets in a habitable zone of their solar systems. The nearest of these planets is only 12 light years away from the Earth. Until now Kepler has discovered earth-like planets in Lyra, Draco, Cygnus constellations. Some of these planets are Kepler-32e, Kepler-32f, Kepler-42c, Kepler 42d…totalling nearly 200 confirmed earth like planets.
It is very exciting to hear such news which clarify that there are billions of earth like planets in other solar systems which are able to support life. Not only in our galaxy but also in Andromeda and other galaxies.

We have not yet confirmed any exoplanet that can support life. Your post reads like a spam bot.

thank you for your post.
Yes we could not confirm yet because we have no spacecraft to send and check these mentioned solar systems.
But many astronomers are now sure that there are other solar systems including planets like Earth not only in Milky Way but also in the other galaxies.

This is old news. Astronomers have known about planets in other solar systems for several years. Have you heard that Keplar is defunct?

İt is very difficult to observe a planet which is in different solar system from Earth, before Kepler astronomers could not be that sure.
Until now Kepler discovered 160 confirmed planets and nobody had information about these before Kepler.
Secondly, quatation from Nasa official website dd. Dec. 11:
“We received good news last week! The Astrophysics Division at NASA Headquarters has invited the Kepler project to submit a funding proposal for a two-wheel mission to its 2014 Senior Review of operating missions. Dubbed K2, this new mission concept would repurpose the Kepler space telescope to continue the search for exoplanets, and introduce new science observation opportunities.”

Now that is news. Good to hear it.