Dogs Orient to the Earth's Magnetic Field When Pooping?????

It looked like a poorly done ‘study’. At any rate, my dogs forgot to read it, they poop in any old convenient direction.

This seems like it belongs in my old Research into the Pointless thread. Wherever it is. What a waste of time.

I have two dogs. One 3 years old, one 4. I’ve never noticed them facing the same way when they crap in tandem. What I have noticed, is that they sometimes sleep in exactly the same orientation and position. Sometimes like two letter "c"s. Sometimes stretched straight, at exact matching angles – their backs, paws, legs, necks, extremities – everything matching spatially. Like two identical magnets on a refrigerator. As if an artist positioned them that way to make a statement. It isn’t all of the time, in fact it’s maybe only ten percent of the time. Half the time, they choose different rooms entirely. When they do sleep in the same room there’s usually no pattern. But then there are these instances, when they’re EXACTLY paired, and it’s crazy. And oddly calming. When you see it it seems like they’re synched up on some physical level, in terms of their orientation, independent of their surroundings, and everything around them is chaotic and random, while they carry on this invisible unity.

Alrightie then.
When this thread started I had no knowledge of the subject.
However considering that our Madeline (Maddy) passed her one year anniversary with us last week.
I have since become a bit of an authority on the topic - well at least the habits of this one dog.
I’ll admit this thread had been in the back of my thoughts since day one,
and I looked forward to doing my own observations.
I’ve certainly had the chance to do plenty,
given that she doesn’t like doing it near our cabin (very classy dame our Maddy is),
she demands her walks for taking care of business.
I’d say it fair to say I’ve seen her stop and orient herself easily a hundred times.
Actually, she doesn’t ‘orient’ herself, she walks, stops, and stoops.
That would be off the leash and free to move as she wants.
My gal even taught me to recognize the different stance between number one and number two.
I feel so informed.
One year and she never oriented herself to the North.
Then, yesterday I finally observed her pointing true north.
Did it take her this long to find her direction?
I suspect it was pure coincidence.

Two and one-half years later my wife and I still laugh about this study when we’re sitting on the back porch after breakfast watching the dogs do their business. We’re down to two dogs now, but soon to be three again.