Does religion have value.

And the Gutenburg bible, well that's just a coincidence. If the Christians hadn't drummed up their little story book in the first place, and maybe not ransacked the greatest library in the world at Alexandria, perhaps Gutenburg would have printed something else.
Yeah, it's a really bad argument. Like, because there is a lot of religious art, that means art was inspired by religion. No, they just had the money. It's almost an accident of history that Christianity was on the rise just as the huge Roman empire was falling. They didn't cause the Fall (IMO), but they didn't stop it either. They managed to maintain control of the country side, so the late Roman emperors partnered with them, and most of the emperors seemed to truly believe Christ was coming back. Later, that conglomeration of nation-states was the only thing strong enough to fight off the Muslims and Mongols, and they co-opted all the knowledge that those two empires brought with them. The defensive position that Europe found itself in worked to their advantage, the others spread themselves too thin and Western Europe became the dominant power until World War I.

The title asked if religiin has any value. I estimate its value is a dime a dozen, on sale.