CFI video "Effective Teaching of Critical Thinking"

I thought I would start a thread discussing the CFI video “Effective Teaching of Critical Thinking

What are some thoughts?

Count me in. Start with the example that caused you to cite one of my posts.
Let’s see where that gets us.

Here is the direct Youtube link to the CFI videos.
Effective Teaching of Critical Thinking with Ray Hall | Skeptic’s Toolbox - YouTube

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The subject of this video is not about fallacies or how to do critical thinking. It an approach to teaching critical thinking. I would like to keep the topic focused on the video.

Sounds good to me. I’ll get back to you after I have had a chance to see the videos.

For the sake of clarity I’m posting the video.

Feb 26, 2021
Can teaching critical thinking classes really help students learn the difference between science and pseudoscience? To find out Ray Hall conducted and published a study to find out if Fresno State’s GE course Natural Science 4 (NS4) delivers on its desired learning outcomes. College students (n=806) were surveyed at semester’s beginning and end.

Epistemically unwarranted beliefs in pseudoscience were found to be pervasive among our student population. NS4, a course that specifically and directly addressed pseudoscience produced a large and significant reduction of those beliefs, but scientific research methods classes and unrelated general education classes used as controls did not.

This talk will describe our study and our findings, and highlight a few strategies we have found effective for changing epistemically unwarranted beliefs, and the importance of teaching critical thinking.

Dr. Ray Hall is a professor of Physics at California State University – Fresno. …

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