Can Christianity be progressive?

Does it really? High morals do not necessitate religion. It does necessitate learning ethics and understanding one’s own feelings and how others may feel. Altruism is rarely found any more and people need to learn that, not religion.

How did you deduce this?

Yes, thus we are all Christ crucified, according to the Gnostics, but if one learns altruism, empathy, sympathy, and compassion, religion is not necessary nor is it the answer. Religion is a brainwashing, but teaching children reality of altruism, empathy, sympathy, and compassion along with teaching them how to think for themselves and not allow a preacher man to do it for them, is far better.

Isis and Bast! Great goddesses of the past. Sadly, they were killed because people stopped believing in them. :frowning: Who Mourns for Adonais (Star Trek: TOS).

That is why I choose Symbiosis as a true example of a benign Universal concept of God

Yes, but a woman and a kitty cat possess plentiful vitality and copious virility with fruitful productivity, protecting those who worship and adore them. :rofl: (I really can’t say that with a straight face)

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I contest that religion is needed to keep high morality. Every study shows that it is untrue. Religious people don’t commit less misdemeanors than atheists and may be more.

Yes, it would. Go to the root of what religion is. Religion was around a long time before deities. Many of the oldest religions we have on earth today have no deity.

Jesus existed as a man. It is Paul’s Christian Jesus who never existed.

Really good questions. Much of our data base has been researched and written by Paul’s Christians. The best way I have found to make sure I am on the correct pathway is to go to the root or beginning and work my way up the timeline. Example, the olive. Key change to history. Change from Fax seed to olive oil. Not going to find any data that fits the pieces of the puzzle or real history of the olive on the internet. That is until you look at a map of Alexander the Great’s early empire which follows the Mediterranean olive grows. Research of gnostic is going to be mostly trash data today. A key is that Jesus was a Hellenistic Jew. The Greeks were heavy on civilization philosophy. So was Jesus. So, it should not be a surprise that Philo of Alexandria, also known as Philo Judaeus brought Jesus’ ideas into the religious philosophy to be understood and then picked up mainly by other philosophers in history. Follow the science.

People are naturally gnostic. Because nature is gnostic. Say you pick up two apples. Then you pick up two more apples. Then you know you have two sets of two apples. A teacher comes along and tells you that is four apples. You will know if that makes sense to you.

Christianity Gnosticism was new. A lot of gospels were written. Most of them are gone forever. Anybody could write a gospel. Only interested in the gospels of the types that would have been taught in the colleges in Alexandra. In science, including psychology, a theory is a principle or idea that explains or solves a problem. Theories typically address a collection of issues. My advice to you is to read “The Lost Gospel”.

Good point. And I will not debate the data. There are a lot of mother and fathers who take their children to Sunday school every week because they want to see them again in heaven. And I think they feel their children will pickup good morals in Sunday school. The same could be said for public school, but not as much.

If it was up to me, I would rather see morals taught in school than in church. I am just passing on what is part of our history that has been mostly buried. Not that Jesus, the French and Founding Fathers were wrong, just our education system has the ability if used correctly.

Oh well, if you’re speaking of Taoism, Buddhism, and alike, but not if you are talking about Xianity.

If he ever did exist, he did not exist as portrayed in the Bible.

Which is what you said in that’s whole paragraph. It made no sense, which is what makes it trash. It was words thrown together in a meaningless manner.

If they were, then they would not need an education.

Seriously? Nature is knowledge?

¿Que? ¿Qué es esto? No se. ¿Que es “four”? No, esta es cuatro. Dos manzanas y dos más es cuatro pero es “four” solo si sabes inglés. Auf deutsch? Vier. Cantonese? 四 You get the idea.

You only know if you know what the person is saying and communicating, but if you don’t understand then you have no clue.

I have.

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The only connection I can relate to anything is Earth Man, Adam. The people of upper and lower knowledge (gods) called for the Midwifes (geneticists) to create a man with a strong back able to do farming.

Basically synonyms for the same thing and all masculine.

Maybe it’s a good thing, because if that’s all you know then you “don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies.”

The way I see the bible is bits and pieces of Jesus with Mary taken completely out. Jesus was a politician preparing to take over Israel. Jesus had to get everything ready to take over when Tiberius got assassinated. Sejanus was going to be the new emperor. The only reason Jesus needed people like Paul was to go to towns that Jesus could not go to. Herod was trying to kill Jesus. It was the woman’s movement that kept Jesus alive. Even Herod’s wife was keeping Jesus informed where Herod troops were.

The newest twist out is the theory that Paul was really a Roma spy. I am not sold on that yet.

Tiberius got wind of Sejanus’s assassination plot and killed Sejanus. That put Jesus in a tough spot. Jesus’ father was high up in the Roman army. Which made Jesus a Roman citizen. Jesus could have demanded a trial in Rome. But during coups attempts, everyone involved, and their families are killed. Therefore a staged crucifixion is not out of the question as the best move.

One problem- Jesus and Paul never met and only seven of the books attributed to Paul were actually written by Paul. The rest is pure speculation of those who believe Mary was raped by a Roman soldier, but Mary was actually the Xian version of Isis.

Well, your connection relating to knowledge of procreation is about 1000 years out of date

The people of upper and lower knowledge (gods) called for the Midwifes (geneticists) to create a man with a strong back able to do farming.

What people of upper and lower knowledge? Gods? Midwifes? You have an army of upper and lower gods , don’t you? Where did all these creatures live? Asgard or Mount Olympus? Heaven?

How about our hominid cousins? How about many species where the female has the strong back. How about the Black Widow spider or Praying Mantis where the female eats the male for his protein that helps grow the little ones he just fertilized?

On the other hand, observe the spectacular display of colors and fragrances by flowering plants that have a symbiotic sensual relationship with pollinating insects.
This is the result of natural selection of the most beautiful and attractive being selected by the insects for mutual procreation of the species.

You got me there.

I was wrapped up in the path that gnostic had taken and as William Blackstone explained, the classical naturalist does not deny that human beings have considerable discretion in creating natural law. He argued a division between natural and positive (municipal) law by insisting on the existence of a natural laws.

The church argued that “This law of nature, being co-eval with mankind and dictated by God himself, is of course superior in obligation to any other.”

The result was people accepted that common law is often called “judge-made law.” Natural law, by contrast, is taken to be the timeless and universal moral law founded on nature, reason, or the will of God.

Can you explain the “Will of God” ? How does that work?

That works for me. But I must use the terms that they are called by the data. Which is upper and lower gods. At the time there were no deities. Which makes it confusing to say the least. God was a translation name use. The upper and lower gods are from pre-history.

There is not much data from pre-history. Follow the burials. Known as Adam burials, Red Earth burials, and Red Ochre burials. Adam means “red earth”. The burials are found around the world.

Junk. I would be just guessing. Terms like that were often used in old terminology. I don’t spend any time trying to figure those items out. It is in the data on the subject, so I leave it.

Can you give me your rating?

So your God sits outside of nature and stirs the pot?

I don’t rate works of literature. It either is memorable or it is not. Something in the work is worth quoting and remembering or it is not. It’s been about 10 years since I read it, so I’ll have to pull it out and reread it.