Branches of Science

There are majorly three branches of science that conform to a specific area of study.

Physical Science

Physical science has been termed as a systematic study related to an inorganic world that results from the distinct aspects considered in the organic world. Such aspects are quite complex for students. Physical Science is further subdivided into the branches:

  • Physics - Physics is the component of natural science that assists in studying matters, the associated motion, and behavior that considers the factor of space and time, having designated energy and force.
  • Chemistry - Chemistry is the combination of all the scientific disciplines involved in terms of elements and compounds consisting of ions, molecules, and atoms. Students studying the corresponding subject have to learn about their properties, composition, structure, behavior as well as the changes which they undergo during a reaction when combined with other substances.
  • Astronomy - It is a discipline that involves studying the celestial objects and associated phenomena by making use of principles of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
Earth Science

The corresponding branch of science helps in dealing with all the physical constitution of different surfaces of Earth and its associated atmosphere. Students generally come across difficulties in learning about the concepts of geography, chronology, earth processes, etc., which is when they take the assistance from professional science assignment help services, exclusively available to guide them. This branch is further subdivided into:

  • Geology - Geology assists in studying the science of the origin, history, the formation of Earth, and all the associated physical, chemical, and biological processes that have been going on.
  • Oceanography - It is the exploration and study of water bodies like the ocean.
  • Paleontology - Paleontology is typically considered with all the life forms that had previously existed in prehistoric or geologic periods.
  • Meteorology - Meteorology is considered with all the aspects of science that have been dealing with the atmosphere and phenomena associated with it in the form of weather and climate.
Life Science

The scientific study of life and different organisms is known as Life Science. Different sub-branches associated with Life Science are

  • Botany - Botany can be defined as the study of plants and the associated structure and different life forms.
  • Zoology - Zoology is a branch of science that deals with covering animals and their aspects of life.
  • Genetics - Genetics has been termed as the study of heredity.
  • Medicine - Medicine is involved with the science of diagnosing, treating, as well as preventing illnesses, diseases, and injury.
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