Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria's Baga town hit by new assault

From a friend.
"It would be nice if it were true that the Paris thing was just the work of two mindless thugs and if indeed it were just a question of getting the majority of Muslims to condemn the extremists, but underneath the official statements there is an undercurrent of hostility in many of the Muslim comments, and what is going on in Nigeria really does underscore that the planet has got to do something about Islam. I hate to sound like George Bush and know you cannot hope to win a war against billions of people, but more and more it seems we are going to have to say Islam IS the enemy in the same way for 50 years the West said Communism was the enemy. In any case nuance is going out of the window. People are going to take the attitude that Muslims have declared war on the rest of the world and that although we didn’t want to be put on the other side and forced to take sides we really have to now. We liberals can deplore this reduction to black and white, and this simplification, all we want, but the majority of non-Muslims around the world are going to say Islam is our enemy, Islam is a pernicious evil, and it is going to be futile to blame them for that view. All the nice stuff about mutual respect and co-existence of religions is going out of the window, and understandably so.
"Most people will say I’m sick of being asked to be sensitive and respectful. I certainly am.
"Charlie Hebdo’s next print run is going to be one million copies, as opposed to the 60,000 they were publishing before.
"Of course a billion people are not going to renounce the way they were brought up any more than the Communist countries managed to get people to renounce religion, so we are in for hundreds of years of religious wars. We can only hope that Muslims continue to kill more of each other than of the rest of us.
“I guess we may be well into World War III now. No end in sight.”

Well said