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Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming

by Bjørn Lomborg, Ph.D., Department of Political Science

Political Scientist? Aren’t they worse than economists?

This guys such a fraudster he’s worth taking a little look:


Bjørn Lomborg is a well-known personality in the environmental debate. He is the author of several books which, due to their copious lists of notes and references, appear very technical and scientific and therefore trustworthy. Unfortunately, those reading his books or listening to his lectures or seeing his film are rarely aware that the facts and statements presented by Lomborg are often not reliable.

When experts in the fields covered by Lomborg check his texts, they most often find that the evidence has been distorted. Danish biologist Kåre Fog has systematically over many years checked Lomborg´s texts against his sources and references and against other scientific literature. His conclusion is that Lomborg´s texts are systematically manipulated to fit a certain agenda.

The web site Lomborg-errors has been established to document this claim. It gathers and publishes errors found in Bjørn Lomborg´s books, especially “The Skeptical Environmentalist” (2001) and Cool it! (2007).

In addition, it gives information on cases and activities related to Bjørn Lomborg, attempts to describe his methods, and points out cases where the claims about Lomborg´s dishonesty seem to hold true.

From January 2008, the page also comments on errors made by Al Gore, to allow a comparison where the two persons are judged by the same standards.

The web site is set up by, written by and hosted by Kåre Fog.

<blockquote>Bjorn Lomborg’s lukewarmer misinformation about climate change and poverty

August, 30 2018

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On 27 August, the ‘New York Post’ published an article by Dr Bjorn Lomborg that was filled with misrepresentations and false claims, under the headline ‘How the war on climate change slams the world’s poor’.

Dr Lomborg is the world’s most active ‘lukewarmer’. He does not deny the physics of the greenhouse effect, but instead cherry-picks information to deny that the risks of climate change are large enough to justify strong and urgent action.

He has been promoting the article heavily on social media, including Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. In particular, Dr Lomborg highlighted his article with a tweet that states: “A new study has found that strong global climate action would cause far more hunger and food insecurity than climate change itself”.

However, the paper to which Dr Lomborg referred, on ‘Risk of increased food insecurity under stringent global climate change mitigation policy’ by Dr Tomoko Hasegawa and co-authors, did not reach the conclusion that he suggested. …</blockquote>
<blockquote>Bjorn Lomborg Is the World’s Most Optimistic Statistician

The Danish Socialist has courted fame and calumny by daring to declare that the world is getting better.

by Jonathan Ledgard

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There's more, the following <a href="ørn_Lomborg">ørn_Lomborg</a> has links attached to all these topic headings regarding this interesting Lomborg.
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Rorsch et al. On the Opposition Against the Book The Skeptical Environmentalist by B. Lomborg, Journal of Information Ethics, Spring 2005. (An academic defense, albeit lukewarm, of Lomborg.)</blockquote>
Cc, why do you do it?

Well, because their stupid brainwashing campaign is criminal and we should not normalize that, though we have.  Hell people need to learn to recognize it, but they're too busy with other more immediate concerns.  But, I'm old, been listening to Lomborg's sort of lost in his mindscape belly button gazing for decades, while outside my window, I'm watching this slow motion horror show unfolding the way we feared it could.  What's left to do?  Might as keep going, while I'm still breathing.

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