Best Place to Worship, Nature

This was in the annual “Best of” flyer in the Duluth News Tribune today. The BWCA is a million acres with restricted access to motorized vehicles, even the trail clearing people can’t use chainsaws or 4-wheelers. I’m not sure if anyone organized this or it just happened, but I love it.

Newspaper clip, showing "best worship" place is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

It’s very interesting to know why people worship nature, inplace of the Creator of the nature.

The nature wasn’t first for me. If this planet don’t exist then where is nature? What about the nature of the Sun and moon etc. Which one is higher, the nature or the thing before nature?

I’m surely worship the thing before nature, and I called Him God.

@pip1961 God only exists in the minds of humans and was created by humans. At one time and still to this day, people worshipped the sun and/or the moon and called them gods. At one time, cats were once worshipped as gods and they have never forgotten it. The only difference here is that Lausten isn’t calling nature god and you don’t understand what he is actually talking about.

Best Place to Worship; Nature.

I corrected the punctuation. It’s not about worshipping nature. It’s about the best place to worship. Nature is the place. When there, worship whatever you want.

If it was so that God is only in the Christians mind, then what about the teaching in your believe that doesn’t have a beginning and an end? You cannot answered any of because yours brains is blocked by apes theory.

Because of your difficulty with the language, I’ll give you a second chance. You need to understand that your words are argumentative.

I know that my English is very bad, but I can defend myself with 4 languages.

I understand that you cannot answered any questions of a true Christian. You all Atheist going to Christians forums and blaspheme our God. But when we come by yours at yours home, and proofs you all Atheist that you are from Satan. Then you are ready to banner us. But we Christians love you all because you all are in Satan hands.

Do what your father Satan told you to do. Because when it is about God’s true people. NOTHING CAN STAND AGAINST US!!

Why faith? When I try to understand the word, I might translate it with trust. Trust that stories on the topic of God made sense. That science without God overlooked something significant. In 1865 Rudolf Clausius stated: “The energy of the world is constant. The entropy of the world urges towards a state of maximized entropy.” Later Willard Gibbs said this system should be described as: “Constant in volume and energy, with a shell that would not change in size nor let through energy in any form. If the entropy within could increase it would, where entropy could never decrease, and as a result entropy would maximize into a dead state equilibrium with maximized entropy.” Applied to the world this is called the heat death of the world and it was the great fear of Herbert Spencer the inventor of survival of the fittest. But it forgets photosynthesis and the food chain that it feeds and the increase of molecular complexity which is compared to the prebiotic soup a decrease of entropy. A decrease of entropy that could never happen in the idea of Gibbs when the idea of Rudolf Clausius would be true. From many molecules in the prebiotic soup, poor in energy, biodiversity is a decrease in number and an increase in energy, with chemical energy between atoms, made from sunlight by photosynthesis. This is the gain of molecular complexity outside the Gibbs/ Clausius/ Spencer idea of Nature. When deserts grow, forest fires burn, woods are logged and the ecosystem in the ocean dies, the decrease of entropy due to photosynthesis ends and spontaneous reactions will erode the chemical energy on earth till entropy maximizes. The decrease of entropy outside the thought of Herbert Spencer I trust to be something special and in that I have faith.

Every time I clean my garage I have faith that entropy will prevail … again. It’s Natural!


Re OP: There is also - One square inch of silence:

“A Sanctuary for Silence” :wink:




“A Sanctuary for Silence” ?
Tough one that, being a natural man seeking silence and solitude in the middle of a big city.

Makes me think of another video, though in slap stick, so I’ll just share the link, Jesus I will survive


Which in turn reminds me of one spectacular cathedral I used to be able to hike to back in my early years and that took a hell of walloping recently. Between the rain saturated soil and freak Mono wind event. With more hard times on the horizon. So tragic and to think we’re just at the beginning of this monstrosity we’ve created.

With the help of mankind’s God of avarice and disregard.


That science without God overlooked something significant.
Ok, that can be used as a valid argument, but that also requires an explanation of what this significant "something" is, and if you can prove it.

Wishful thinking and acting is noble and idealistic, but does it require the concept of an external “motivated designer”?

The decrease of entropy outside the thought of Herbert Spencer I trust to be something special and in that I have faith.
If so, in what way ?





Not that this is an alter, but I have meditated on it.

The spot, it’s just for the exuberant glory of being alive and surrounded by natural art and nice days.

Why are atheists regarded as being in league with the devil, they don’t believe in the devil. I can see why you would be an atheist. I’ve read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and nearly became one! I was thinking ‘There is no God, and I’m okay with that, my life as a christian has not been wasted’. Then I thought I’d better pray just to be on the safe side. Then God answered me. He gave me the scripture Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception [pseudo-intellectual babble], according to the tradition [and musings] of mere men, following the [a]elementary principles of this world, rather than following [the truth—the teachings of] Christ.

I think science is awesome, with technology and medicine, we have a lot to be thankful for. I just don’t like scientism

Everything in the known universe is created and therefore a creature. So the sun and moon are creatures therefore it would be wrong to worship them. You may as well worship a cat or cow like in some cultures. I worship someone that was uncreated. The creator has existed always and He never changes. If the big bang theory is true then he was there before it happened. You’re dealing with infinity here. No beginning or end. On a different note there’s a new theory out there that the universe is elliptical, meaning if you head in one direction out into space for a very long time you will end up back where you started. Fascinating

Then I thought I’d better pray just to be on the safe side. Then God answered me. He gave me the scripture -- Simon
Hey Simon, in case I missed doing this, welcome to the forum!

This is one of my favorite definitions of “prayer”. It’s more like; sit quietly for a bit and try to think of a bible verse.


Our local park rangers have asked people not to stack rocks because it destabilizes soil among other things. It goes against the “Leave no trace” ideals.

I get a thrill from the natural force of running water - river, streams, falls, waves, tides … - the chaos and kinetics of it.


That reminds me of one of favorite mantras when hiking around Canyon Lands and trying to avoid the cryptobiotic soil and such.

I am an agent of erosion. I am an agent of erosion. I am an agent of erosion. I am an agent of erosion.
Good on the Park Ranger he makes an excellent point. Time and place is key. Fortunately, I've been blessed by the universe with this forty acres of our own private park land, so I think even that ranger would smile at this arrangement.


Thanks for the welcome. The thing is, I wasn’t aware of what the bible verse was, I was just given the reference Colossians 3:8. I had never noticed that scripture before. I was losing my faith and this verse directly spoke to my predicament. The verse given to me before that was Luke 24:34 “The Lord has really risen and appeared to Simon”, bear in mind I didn’t know the verse and my name is Simon. You can argue against anything I say because anything I experience can be put down to ‘controlled hallucination’. Just to warn other Christians reading this, ever since I came to faith always had a rock solid faith but it was seriously shaken by ‘The God Delusion’. I’ve had dreams of heaven, a vision once, my body shake under the power of the Holy spirit. I was filled with rage once after a manger treated me terribly, I prayed for God to help me not feel this way and was immediately calm and at peace. When I feel close to God life is awesome, the only problem is faith is like standing on a escalator going down, unless you press forward you’ll slowly drift away without realising it


So is that on your land then? Nice.

That’s one thing, if you’re just on your own property, but you wouldn’t want every Tom, Dick and Helen to come by and rearranging and digging up rocks on a regular basis … haha!


BTW - They just caught on camera a bobcat not too far from here, in the metroparks. They had suspected so, and there’s been a few stories, but they just got one on a trail-cam.





You can argue against anything I say because anything I experience can be put down to ‘controlled hallucination’. --Simon
I probably wouldn't say that, because I can't evaluate your experience remotely. What I can do is learn about all the similar situations that people have reported throughout history and all the evaluations of them that have ever been done. There is not one case that can show some kind of causal link between the prayer and the answer. What you did was take one of those things that popped in to your head, Cor 3:8, looked it up, and it related to your question. I would bet that other things popped in to your head. If Cor 3:8 wasn't the answer you hoped for, you would have moved on, maybe forgotten about it, then found a different one that did, and you'd be reporting that one to us.

But, I’m not in your head, so I don’t know. That’s the problem with God stuff, it’s personal. You can’t transfer that experience to me or anyone else. Anything that can be used, like singing together, chanting, or some ritual, those are universal to all religions and don’t depend on the name of the god, or if the god is alive now or dead for 2,000 years. They even work without gods, like at a music concert. So, I “put down to” science, the science of religion.